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World Class Presenters... Limited Space... Intimate and Personal...

Workshop Weekends Explained.

This year BASI Pilates SA is introducing a new and exciting way for you to attend workshops and classes with WSW "Workshop Weekends"! Each year three locations across South Africa will host their own "WSW" workshop weekend filled to the brim with Movement and Education opportunities. The weekend will start on a Friday and comprise of a 3 Hour Workshop followed by a 1 Hour Practical class. Saturday and Sunday will start off with a 1 Hour Practical class followed by two 3 Hour Workshops. There will be three topic options for each time slot and the best part is, THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU! You can build your own workshop weekend depending on what you are interested in and what area's you would like to  focus on. 

The choice begins with the option of a 1,2 or 3 day Package to fit your budget, then once you know how many days you would like to attend pop on over to the Timetable to pick your days. On each given day we offer three topics per time slot, so choose wisely (Please note that each day comes as a package and you will need to pick from the workshops/classes available for a particular day)

BASI and non BASI instructors are welcome.




  •  1 Day Package: R1750.00
  •  2 Day Package: R3360.00
  •  3 Day Package: R4200.00
    •  3 Day Package Payment Plan, Total Cost: R4800.00  - R1600.00 per month, first instalment 1 Feb 2020, Not available on any other package, a compulsory Debit order form is needed if payment plan is required.

Package Registrations need to be done via "REGISTER NOW" option in red above or below or via the website – – if you do not have a profile on this website, create a login profile then register for the package that you’re interested in. Payments need to be done via immediate EFT or PayFast which you will find on the Enrollment form... limited space available. Payment guarantees your spot.




12:00 to 15:00 - 3 Hour Workshop

  • Studio 1 - Pilates for Cervical Discs by Ashley Ritchie
  • Studio 2 - Working with Male Clients by Inge Pretorius
  • Studio 3 - More than just a Wall Unit by Theo Botha

15:30 to 16:30 - Practical Class

  • Studio 1 - Give it a Band-Aid by Kelly Sender
  • Studio 2 - Spine Corrector Class by Theo Botha
  • Studio 3 - Wonderful Wall Unit by Ashley Ritchie


7:30 to 8:30 - Practical Class

  • Studio 1 - Circle it! by Inge Pretorius
  • Studio 2 - Box it! by Marinda Pretorius
  • Studio 3 - Pilates, Me & Tax by Leon Moore

9:00 to 12:00 - 3 Hour Workshop

  • Studio 1 - Reform Reformer by Inge Pretorius
  • Studio 2 - Pilates for the Mature Client by Ashley Ritchie
  • Studio 3 - Pilates & Fascia by Sulene Ashton

13:00 to 16:00 - 3 Hour Workshop

  • Studio 1 - With a Twist by Theo Botha
  • Studio 2 - Bound to Bounce by Liane Brink
  • Studio 3 - Core & Power of Pilates Principles by Ashley Ritchie


7:30 to 8:30 - Practical Class

  • Studio 1 - Power Pilates by Inge Pretorius
  • Studio 2 - Foam Roller it! by Andria Pretorius
  • Studio 3 - Pilates, Me & Tax by Leon Moore

9:00 to 12:00 - 3 Hour Workshop

  • Studio 1 - Rotator Disc & Gliders by Inge Pretorius
  • Studio 2 - Around the Hip by Rob Donkin
  • Studio 3 - Find and Fix Movement faults by Theo Botha

13:00 to 16:00 - 3 Hour Workshop

  • Studio 1 - Pilates & Fascia by Sulene Ashton
  • Studio 2 - Bound to Bounce by Liane Brink
  • Studio 3 - Giving it Spring! by Inge Pretorius 



Ashley Ritchie – Pilates for Cervical Discs - 3hrs

So strong yet so fragile! With the increased pace of life and changing demands for many, the neck is vulnerable and prone to injury. Working with clients who have neck injuries requires knowledge and skills from the Pilates instructors.  Cervical Disc injuries are relatively common.  Assessing the relationship of head, neck, shoulders and thoracic spine and how to modify and assist clients through the repertoire safely is what you will walk away with. 

Inge Pretorius – Working with male clients (Pilates for Men) – 3hrs

Working with male clients but struggling to modify the repertoire to provide challenge but still maintain alignment and good mechanics, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn new tools for tackling some of the common imbalances seen in the male select population, ideas on ways to improve posture and alignment, while still providing a true Pilates challenge, as Joseph Pilates intended – MTTC & CTTC

Theo Botha – More than just a Wall Unit – 3hrs

Traditionally a ‘wall unit’ means a static piece of furniture that gathers dust and holds more stuff… For this small, intimate workshop no body or piece of equipment are being kept static or gathering dust. O NO!

Known as a space-saver piece of equipment it is the ‘go to’ piece of equipment for small equipment group classes and offers so many possibilities to offer variety and intensity.

Making use of springs from every angle, using everybody part and exploring the push-through-bar with renewed enthusiasm, this workshop is sure to make you move and feel every fibre vibrate.

Experience repertoire from basic to master level, hearing unique cues and just enjoy the pure privilege to move is sure to get the creative juices flowing when you next teach on the wall-unit.

Kelly Sender – Give it a Band-Aid (TheraBand Mat Class) – 1hr

A Dynamic, fun and challenging BASI Mat Flow class to help your body gain strength, flexibility and move with a purpose by correcting your movement and working deeper assisted with the use of a TheraBand and therefore Fixing your alignment and “Giving it a band aid” Focusing on a mind-body connection we will stabilise then move by flowing, stretching, twisting, burning, smiling and feeling alive through movement and our Spines will thank us at the end.

Healthy Spine! Healthy Life!

Theo Botha – Spine Corrector (Class) – 1hr

This 1hour practical class aims to move you beyond the spine corrector/step barrel, exploring the myriad of possibilities with the unique quality of FLOW.

Brace yourself to stretch, stabilize, mobilize and balance utilizing the full curves of this wonderful piece of Pilates apparatus.

Ashley Ritchie – Wonderful Wall Unit (Class) – 1hr

I love the wall unit!

Come and play for an hour covering the awesome BASI Block system in a challenging work out. So much to do - so little time.... Bring your sweat towel!

Inge Pretorius – Circle it! (Class) – 1hr

Exploring internal and external pressure with the Magic Circle

Marinda Pretorius – Box it! (Class) – 1hr

Join me and rediscover "The Mighty box" with a pilates twist.

Ideal for lower body alignment in young, old and the stiff. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and so does humans let’s make them move.

Leon Moore – Pilates, Me & Tax – 1hr

When you’re sick, you see a doctor… When your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic…

When you have your own business, you need to talk to someone that can help you navigate the complexities of the beast we call SARS.

During this workshop I’ll be taking you on a journey through what you need to know when it comes to tax, accounting, general management and how these three components can be leveraged to help you grow your pilates business through proper tax and strategic planning.

Inge Pretorius – Reform Reformer – 3hrs

As many people’s favourite, the Reformer has become the over achiever among the Pilates equipment. In this workshop we’ll explore just some of the endless opportunities for challenge, strength, grace and gentleness that lie between the springs. CTTC or Reformer qualified Graduates welcome.

Ashley Ritchie - Pilates for the Mature Client – 3hrs

I love working with the older population. They are goal driven and determined to continue living an active lifestyle or to improve their current abilities. Pilates is such an adaptable form of exercise that this makes it the perfect choice for this group of special people.The objectives of this workshop will address the common physical changes, diseases, muscular and skeletal conditions. You will walk away with knowledge on modifications and assists specific to the older population taking all the conditions into account. Applying the knowledge, you will feel confident working with these clients.

Sulene Ashton – Pilates & Fascia – 3hrs

Sulene is excited to share her view on where the world of fascia and the world of Pilates meets on the studio floor! If done with intent and understanding, you can add a whole new long-lasting layer of holistic function and ease to your clients' in-body experience. 

Theo Botha – With a Twist – 3hrs

Rotating, spiralling, twisting - all words that describe movement that is multidirectional and requires a deep understanding of its multi-faceted components and effect through the kinetic chain. Pilates is known for its linear movements, however delving deeper, Pilates serves you a world full of twists and turns. In this workshop we’ll be looking at specific joints and how functional rotation can be utilized to optimize joint range, strength, muscle work and improve daily movement. Repertoire on various pieces of Pilates equipment will be covered, giving you an array of possibilities to explore rotation.

Liané Brink - Bound to Bounce – 3hrs

Bouncing personifies youth, energy and vitality.  This workshop was designed to take the movement practitioner on a mindful journey through the origins and technique of bouncing on a rebounding unit. Though this piece of equipment might look like any old mini trampoline, the Rebounder offers so much more!! Deep proprioception, cardiovascular fitness, lymphatic circulation and relaxation are only a few of the vast list of benefits of rebounding.

Bound to Bounce – The Workshop – consists of a theory section where the Pilates principles are discovered on this six-legged buoyant surface and applied to rebounding. There will also be practical training where each participant can find harmony on a rebounder provided for the workshop. A class template as well as a full 55-minute workout class, named: “ALL ABOUT THE BASE” will be taught, where participants can feel the effect of fundamental rebounding for themselves. Every bouncer will receive detailed theory notes and a separate Movement Library manual with photographs of body positions and choreography of the movements in the workout class. Order forms will be available on the day for participants looking to purchase a rebounder via Body Intellect.

Ashley Ritchie – Core & Power of Pilates Principals – 3hrs

“It is not what you teach - it is how you teach it!”  The essence of Pilates and how it is taught is unique to this form of training. Truly understanding the principles, knowing when to apply them, entwining them into the precision of the BASI repertoire will enrich your teaching and your clients experience and results - Achieving stability and the freedom of mobility and increasing strength.  Be the instrument of change in your client’s life! What more could a Pilates instructor or client want?

Inge Pretorius – Power Pilates (Class) – 1hr

The space between you and your mat is Power.

Andria Pretorius – Foam Roller it! (Class) – 1hr

"Foam Roller it!" is all about utilizing your foam roller to facilitate more range of movement; creating space in the front body while strengthening the back body. With the focus on extension and mobility, this workout will bring balance back into your posture, and your core will be energized and alive for the day ahead!

Inge Pretorius – Rotator Disc & Gliders – 3hrs

What if the floor could move, could rotate, could slide in any direction at any time? Join me in a session of play, imagination, discovery, where the floor moves you and you move the floor.  

Dr Rob Donkin - Hip Pathologies – 3hrs

Theo Botha – Find & Fix Movement faults – 3hrs

Teaching exercises is easy, teaching exercises well and making the right decisions for your client really distinguishes an average Pilates class from a Pilates class that makes a DIFFERENCE. Often as an instructor you’ll look at a movement and realize that something is not quite right, but you just cannot pinpoint it? And more importantly, how can I correct it while measuring progress at the same time? Well, this workshop serves as an introduction to identifying common faulty movement patterns and how to correct them by applying simple retraining strategies. In addition, you’ll be able to measure progress by using an assessment tool that keeps track of your clients’ progress.

We’ll be covering the following:

  • Look at what’s a ‘normal’ movement at a specific joint e.g. neck, scapula, lower back and hip.
  • Identify faulty movement patterns at these specific joints.
  • Identify which muscles to retrain.
  • Looking at applying different retraining strategies.

Find it & Fix it.

Inge Pretorius – Giving it Spring! – 3hrs

A game between tension and release, the springs provide the ultimate feedback for integrity of movement through load and unload. We’ll look at ways the springs can enhance our practice, assist and resist our movement and help build our internal sense of fluidity through space. 


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