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Breathe better, eat better, look better. Sounds good to us!

Spring is here, and we’ve got all the juicy tips and tidbits to help you make the most of the warmer weather, and smash your Pilates goals! It’s the perfect time to relook your routines, check in with your past goals, and start over fresh with a positive, go-getter attitude. Take a look at why Spring is simply our favourite season to practice Pilates, and why it should be yours too:

Breathe in that Spring air

We’re certain you’ve tried jogging during warmer weather, gloriously trotting through parks bustling with new life, greenery and sun. Now try doing the same in the dead of winter… your breathing is probably heavier and less pleasant, and your mind cannot wait to get out of the icy chill. See our point? In Pilates air is everything. Breathing correctly promotes a healthy, calm mind, and offers the concentration needed to better-perform your exercises. Take advantage of this over-looked bonus, and spend extra time practicing your breathwork.

More sun, more fun

Sun’s out - downward dog bums out! With longer days its easier to attend those early morning and late evening Pilates classes. No more desperately hiding under the duvet covers when your alarm goes off... and what’s more refreshing after a long, hard day’s work than a cooling Pilates session outdoors watching the sunset?

Warm up faster

It may seem obvious to most, but with the welcomed increase in temperature, your body is able to warm up and be ready to exercise far faster than in winter. But why warm up if the weather is warmer anyway? We’re glad you asked. By increasing your heart rate and circulation, you’re able to loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles. Stretching the muscles better prepares them for your Pilates routine, and prevents injuries… so your beautiful summer tan isn’t hindered by a lovely moon boot.

Eating healthy is easier

What you consume plays a huge factor in influencing your Pilates results, and let’s be honest, no one wants to eat a cold salad when its 2° Celsius outside! It’s so much easier to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet with the gorgeous Spring weather, so curb your cravings and opt for healthy alternatives.

Goodbye winter blues

Soak up some sun and enjoy feeling uplifted! If Spring’s new colour palette doesn’t make you smile, a spot of vitamin D certainly will! While negative emotions slow you down, a clear, happy mind can improve your co-ordination and better help you concentrate your energy to a peak Pilates performance! Not to mention that Spring in South Africa is the beginning of braai season (unless you’re an enthusiast barbequeing outside no matter the weather, we commend you.). So spend time in the sun around family and friends for more positive vibes and happy memories.  

Whether you’re looking to craft your ideal ‘beach bod’, or simply want to relax with a fresh state of mind, and just be present during the December holidays, Spring is the time to start. Take advantage of all this season brings with Pilates classes near you! Find a studio or instructor here: https://basipilates.co.za/basi-pilates-sa-network/studios




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