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What can help you stay healthy, alleviate backache & assist with labour & delivery? Pilates of course.

If you’re expecting something extra special in 2019, congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting time, and like most moms we’re certain you’re already adapting your lifestyle to make sure you’re doing what’s best for baby. From eating healthy foods and preparing your tot’s room, to ensuring all is in order for the big day and getting in as much rest as you can, there are many adjustments to take into account while pregnant. Yet did you know it is equally important to make sure you maintain an active exercise routine?

While we don’t mean you should start extending yourself and kicking your weight lifting into hyper-drive, regular, light exercise is excellent for strengthening your muscles, improving your circulation, and reducing backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling.

Considering your doctor has cleared you to continue exercising, here’s what you need to know about incorporating Pilates into your pregnancy exercise regime:

Is Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Pilates is perfectly safe as a method of exercise during pregnancy. There are many movements that offer excellent benefits and support, yet there will obviously also be those that pose a higher risk to pregnant women. Simply make sure to find a qualified Pilates instructor and inform them of your condition up front. They will adjust your workout routine to suit your capabilities.

Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy:

  1. Pilates does not need to be about sweat and deep toning all the time, quite the contrary, Pilates is a low impact, versatile, and effective option for anyone wanting to improve their strength, posture, balance, flexibility and muscle tone. This makes it perfect for pregnancy, as it is easily modifiable to what you can manage all throughout the 9 months.
  2. Battling creeping mood swings from raging hormones and lack of sleep? By improving your circulation, oxygen intake, and the release of endorphins, Pilates is a great way to improve your happiness, reduce your stress and even see you sleeping better.
  3. Worried about those pregnancy-related aches and pains? Pilates focuses on strengthening and stretching your core, namely belly, back and pelvis – all essential body parts for pregnancy and childbirth. By improving your core stability Pilates not only takes the stress off your back and pelvic floor, but also helps with labour and recovery. Many moms would agree you should grasp hold of all the help you can get!
  4. Another concern for to-be-mothers is excessive weight gain. This is obviously dependent on previous conditions, and what your doctor considers a healthy weight for you individually. But along with healthy eating patterns, Pilates is an excellent addition to maintain a healthy weight gain.
  5. Remember we mentioned Pilates assists with recovery too? Starting Pilates today will set up a solid foundation for future-proofing your body after baby has arrived. By improving your joint movement, core strength and flexibility you will not only be better able to bounce back after the journey of childbirth, but also be more likely to keep up with speedy toddlers as well!

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