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Decades of Excellence in Pilates Workshop Classes

For many years, BASI Pilates has been at the forefront of top-level education in the Pilates method. We remain committed to giving each of our students in our Pilates workshop classes the very best and highest quality education in the Pilates methods. Our graduates have gone on to teach around the world and form part of an ever expanding BASI family of dedicated, passionate and exceptionally skilled Pilates professionals.

Our programme and workshop classes are certainly rigorous and developed to bring forth the greatness in each future teacher, and you can expect to be tested and pushed to your limits to discover the great potential inside of you. Each of our students receive the best support throughout their journey to excellence by a team of exceptionally gifted and passionate faculty, each of whom have also completed their own training with BASI Pilates.

Why Choose BASI Pilates?

BASI Pilates is a leading Pilates education academy with a global reputation and reach, providing academic excellence, and renowned for innovation and dedication. We work hard to churn out an educated and highly trained team of graduates throughout the year, who can take the Pilates message to the masses.

BASI, or Body Arts and Science International, is an education body that is anchored in physiology, anatomy and scientific principles. There is also a great emphasis on the aesthetic quality of every movement. BASI Pilates is an academy for Pilates teachers, whose mission is to uphold the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Each of our teachers are trained to the very highest calibre.

Throughout all of our workshop classes and training solutions, we preserve the classical repertoire and essence of the original Pilates philosophy, while we also supplement it with contemporary experience and scientific knowledge. We always endeavour to grow in substance and not only in size, and will always remain true to art, knowledge and science.

We are proud of our long history of service to the Pilates community and provide excellent training for the future leaders and teachers of this art form. Wellbeing is the ultimate pursuit of this goal, while every level of the human condition is addressed and explored to the betterment of each student of Pilates.

If you are looking for a welcoming and professional environment to enjoy taking Pilates workshop classes, contact us at BASI Pilates. We look forward to welcoming you to our academy and to the BASI family. For qualified Pilates professionals, we provide a comprehensive training programme and leading Pilates workshop classes. All of our classes and workshops span the specific facets of the method, with master-level workshops available for advanced students.

We always endeavour to secure continuing education for our students who want to take their mastery of the art to the next level. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about our selection of workshop classes in South Africa. You will join a growing family of Pilates professionals who works tirelessly to take the message of this art form to the masses.

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