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Exciting New BASI Pilates Workshop Classes in Pretoria for 2016

Exciting New BASI Pilates Workshop Classes in Pretoria for 2016

Are you a Pilates enthusiast and would like to know more about certain aspects of the human body, the interactions of muscle groups, anatomy, movement or how Pilates should be taught during pregnancy?  Then look no further!  At BASI Pilates in Pretoria and Cape Town, we have finalised the schedule for our exciting Q1 Pilates workshop classes for 2016, and here you will certainly find one that will update your knowledge and refresh your skills. 

Our Pilates workshop classes include the following:

·         19 February:      Shoulder Workshop

·         27 February:      Spice up Mat Work (Part 1)

·         5 March:           iBody

·         9 – 13 March:    Anatomy of Movement & Physiology

·         17 – 19 March:  Pilates through Pregnancy

We will announce several other workshops throughout the year, but this is only an indication of what is to come!

Benefits of Attending Workshops

Time effective:  Workshops are usually short courses that focus on a particular area of Pilates and are shorter than the usual certification courses.  This means that you don’t have to take time off work and miss out on client sessions (and income) as a result.  Short workshops also give you better focus and allow you to concentrate better on the subject matter, as well as learn more effectively through the process.

Facilitated by experts:  BASI Pilates workshop classes are facilitated by experts in the field, and they are able to contribute high levels of expertise and skill to the attendees of the workshop.  Questions can be addressed affectively, and answers are based on the experience and knowledge of a very developed and well-qualified instructor or facilitator.

Personal attention:  As the numbers in workshops are typically small, facilitators are able to give personal attention to the attendees, and to interact with them more.  Attendees are likely to come away with a feeling that they have been heard and paid attention to, and that they have learnt a lot through the interaction with the facilitator.

Cost effective:  Our Pilates workshop classes are priced well within the market and those who pay early, qualify for significant discounts.  Because workshops are shorter than certification courses and they only focus on a particular area, they are cheaper to run and attend.

Specialised:  Our workshops focus on specialised areas that our attendees are interested in, which means that a particular area in which they would like to develop better skills can be specifically worked on.  The course topic is indicative of exactly what is being taught, and only that subject matter will apply.  This avoids a generalised approach within the course structure.

About BASI Pilates

At BASI Pilates, we specialise in the training, teaching and certification of Pilates instructors.  The BASI teaching methodologies are curriculum-based and a specialised approach is taken in all of our certification courses and instruction.  We provide a structure framework in which experts in specific disciplines collaborate to cover a wide spectrum of disciplines.  Our workshops and certification courses provide a fascinating way in which to advance skill levels and knowledge of Pilates and the application thereof.

For more information about our BASI Pilates workshop classes, give our team a call today!

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