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Give your Movement Sciences degree, or Physio/Bio that extra ‘oomph’, boost your career & offer your future clients so much more, with BASI Pilates MTTC for University Students.

According to The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report in a matter of 2 years, just over a third of the skills considered important today in both old and new occupations, will have changed across most industries.

In conjunction with this, according to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018 the millennial as well as Z generations are increasingly looking for companies that are ethically concerned for the greater good, and occupations that could offer them a sense of ‘purpose over paycheck’.

This leaves a rather challenging balancing act when considering your career path as a whole. One not only has to think about what would be a suitable interest to pursue – for the purposes of this article, the industry of Movement Sciences - but will also need to strategically think ahead to the possibilities within that industry, and finally whether that would bring them a sense of true purpose and happiness. Are they really contributing?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution, and the answer is more than easy to come by in today’s technologically advanced age than ever before. You simply need a true appetite for learning. Yes, that’s it. Building a career is much like building Rome. Movement Sciences may be the initial foundation to your life’s dedication, but the structure itself is built brick by brick through new learning experiences and personal developments.

Up skilling and expanding your skillset is an essential part of standing out from the crowd, revolving exclusively around your own personal set of talents and interests. This sense of world-is-your-oyster freedom offers a multitude of opportunities for growth, internal fulfillment and overall happiness. You can truly shape the future you see for yourself, and enjoy the work you do!

Say for instance you are currently studying Human Movement Sciences, but have always been interested in instructing or enjoy attending Pilates classes. There is nothing stopping you from expanding your repertoire and building a substantial resume outside of your university hours. In fact, it already places you one step ahead of future competitors.

In the spirit of constant learning, and being dedicated to our students as we are, BASI Pilates South Africa offers the Mat Teacher Training Course (MTTC) to full time students in the University of Pretoria, and North West University (Depending on the course studied).

Students studying the MTTC receive one of the most respected certificates in the industry and have the knowledge and confidence to instruct the Pilates Mat work to the public. It is affordable, easy to integrate into many different settings and introduces people to the foundation of Pilates. There is no part of the Pilates system that exemplifies the principles of the method, particularly flow, quite as well as the Mat work. Students study a very wide repertoire of Mat Work exercises and the integration of small apparatus into the Mat program. It is also the ideal stepping stone to the Comprehensive Course (CTTC). Build the Pilates career you want with BASI Pilates South Africa.


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