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Want to Be a Pilates Instructor? Try BASI Pilates Studios in Pretoria!

Pilates has become an exercise discipline practised by so many people across the world that the demand for instructors has become quite profound. Many people decide to give up the 9-5 routine, to get out of the office, or to start their own businesses by becoming Pilates instructors. This frees up their time to work when they want, to get away from being stuck in the office rut, to work where they want, to choose their own hours, and, most importantly, to become independent. Often, a career in Pilates can supplement income from a permanent or part-time job. The flexibility that instructors enjoy when it comes to earnings can vary from person to person.

If you live in Pretoria or the surrounds and are looking for an internationally recognised Pilates course to do, our BASI Pilates studios in Pretoria are your best options. Here, high standards of certified courses and practical training are provided to aspiring and professional Pilates instructors. Because we strive to maintain exceptionally high standards of training and practice, we have built a reputation as one of the best Pilates studios in Pretoria to do your instructor training. If you want to stand out in the field, you need exceptional instruction and the ability to continue your Pilates studies well into the future, and we provide you with the fundamental knowledge and opportunities to attend regular workshops by internationally acclaimed Pilates experts. For truly cutting-edge training, studio space, and equipment, choose our BASI Pilates studios in Pretoria!

Our courses and workshops are structured to ensure that your skill levels improve and that your teaching skills are top notch, and we always strive to increase the levels of experience and ability of our instructors. We provide the following courses for those who would like to persue a career in Pilates:

  • Basic Pilates instructor training and qualification.
  • Pilates specialising in particular areas, such as remedial Pilates, Pilates for men, or Pilates for pregnant women.
  • Basic and advanced mat exercises.
  • Movement anatomy.
  • The physiology of Pilates.
  • ProBridge.
  • Specialist training for athletes.
  • Upper girdle improvement.

We vary our list of courses and workshops on a regular basis in order to provide a wide range of subjects and expertise, and we provide you with the unique chance to interact and engage with some of the best professionals in the discipline.

Why Choose BASI Pilates Studios in Pretoria?

BASI stands for “Body Arts and Science International” and is an internationally registered and acclaimed trademark. BASI is synonymous with good leadership, state-of-the-art courses and programmes, and a strong focus on consistently high standards. Because BASI recognises that Pilates combines art and science, the training courses we provide are designed according to a solid curriculum, in order to ensure structured training that is aligned with all the different teachings of the discipline.

Our strong belief in the ability of Pilates to transform people’s bodies, increase overall health, and provide better mental health ensures that we always respect the integrity and the authenticity of the discipline, and this respect is ingrained in the courses we teach. Our BASI Pilates studios in Pretoria adhere to the solid BASI teaching systems, and our courses are reinforced with a range of applicable and helpful training materials available both in print and online. Our acclaimed online-based instructor courses serve as effective supplementation to our courses and workshops, in order to help our student instructors understand the discipline on a more advanced level. Give our Pilates studios in Pretoria a call to find out more about our courses and workshops.


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