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Why You Should Do Your Pilates Instructor Training at BASI Pilates Studios

If you dream of the flexibility, independence and high earnings that a career in Pilates will bring, you will first have to attend instructors training to become a qualified Pilates instructor. It is also best to choose an establishment that can provide you with internationally recognised qualifications, in order to get the best results and to enable you to work just about anywhere you want.

It is therefore important to choose well when it comes to training establishments, and BASI Pilates studios come highly recommended. We specialise in providing aspiring Pilates teachers with all the knowledge and experience they need to qualify, and we also provide experienced Pilates instructors with ongoing workshops to help improve their skills and to expand their knowledge about various aspects of Pilates training.

Many aspiring instructors choose us to provide their training because we have built a solid reputation in the industry. The difference between our training and other types of Pilates training is important – we believe that the BASI training programme provides our students with the philosophy of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of training. We strive to always provide an effective combination of a great repertoire, structured processes and athletic movement in order to provide our Pilates graduates with all the expertise and experience they need in order to become outstanding teachers of the discipline. Our modern approach to this discipline centres on the Block system, which provides highly specialised knowledge on the classification and combination of a high number of movements to help effectively increase the repertoire, and ultimately, better results.

We believe that Pilates is constantly moving forward and is constantly evolving, and even though we present all the values, movements and structures of the original classic form of the discipline, we also strive to incorporate new technologies and scientific developments into our training, in order to remain current.

Our courses are highly structured and we provide full support with all materials, study guides and other learning media in electronic and/or print format. All courses are curriculum-based and students have to work systematically through the entire curriculum in order to qualify. We also provide highly effective teaching resources, which include the very first interactive online teaching resources and DVDs that contain a variety of workouts, exercises and instructional tutorials.

Our instructors at BASI Pilates studios are all highly experienced and our extremely rigorous selection processes ensure that we always provide our students with the best, most motivated, passionate and seasoned professionals to lead them. Our instructors are not only highly talented in the disciplines of Pilates, but also highly effective instructors that come from a variety of backgrounds, including dance, athletics, ballet and others.

We are always proud of the high levels of instruction that we offer and would be happy to show you around our Pilates studios if you want to find out more about our training. Just give us a call at BASI Pilates to book an introductory session today!

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