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Give your Pilates Studio the best chance at becoming a successful business

With talks of another recession on the rise and the decision-making authority that digitally empowered consumers have today, it is becoming more and more difficult for start-ups and small businesses to gain a foothold in many industries, including Pilates. Times like these often lead to individuals relying on stability and certainty, sometimes in careers they loathe. The fear of failure can be daunting, but the extended reality of not following your dreams and passions can leave you feeling stuck and dissatisfied.

Taking that leap of faith to start your own Pilates business, whether full time or as a part-time endeavour, can offer you fulfilment and a sense of achievement. There is no denying the level of commitment and dedication involved, but once established ‘the world is your oyster’ as they say. Yet how do you get around the difficulty of entering the field as a newcomer? Partnership is the answer. Strategic partnership has been apparent in companies such as the Fortune 500 for years, and with good reason. It offers entrepreneurs a competitive edge, as well as the credibility of an already-established brand. Potential clients are able to immediately recognize and associate your new business with the standard and quality built up over years in the reputation of such a brand, in this case, BASI Pilates.

BASI  Pilates South Africa is dedicated to offering you every opportunity for success as a Pilates instructor and/or Pilates studio owner. From our extensive courses covering an array of specialized Pilates topics, to our certification, research papers and support, we are enthusiastic about building a network of the best professional Pilates instructors within South Africa. In fact, BASI Pilates has been the front-runner and education vehicle for many successful studios and instructors in South Africa.

This is also why we have constructed the BASI Pilates Studio and Instructor membership platform. On this platform studios and instructors can promote their Pilates studios and services, while additionally benefiting from the prestigious reputation of partnering with BASI Pilates SA.

Requirements to join the platform are simple:

  • Be a qualified Pilates mat or comprehensive graduate
  • Attend a minimum of two Pilates workshops per year
  • Teach predominantly in the BASI block system or style
  • Have a registered account on our website & pay an annual membership fee.

The benefits your studio will gain:

  • 10% discount at workshops
  • The use of the BASI graduate logo
  • A link to your website from the BASI website
  • Privileged access to up-coming BASI Pilates instructors
  • Free advertising through our website, database and Facebook
  • Be recognized as a BASI affiliated studio & ambassador
  • We will also send you a complimentary A1 branded poster and piece of branded attire

With so much to gain and so many exceptional possibilities of growing your own reputation and client list within a trusted space, it’s obvious why our membership platform is so popular. Give your Pilates business the greatest chance at success. Join our membership platform today.

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