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Why You Should Choose to do BASI Pilates in Pretoria

Two decades ago the word “Pilates” was a foreign concept to most but we have grown a lot wiser since then! Pilates has gathered many disciples over the years, and it is now one of the most popular and widely practised exercise forms in the world. No matter where you are, you will find studios that teach and practice Pilates or people who teach and practise it privately, and it is accessible almost anywhere in the world. There is no judgement when it comes to Pilates instruction and everybody works according to their own abilities in kindness and patience. It can be difficult to take on a new form of exercise, and patience can be difficult to cultivate, but with Pilates, results come so quickly that you won’t need too much of it. It has been said that it is possible to build a completely new body within three months of regular practise!

Four Benefits of doing Pilates in Pretoria:There are so many mental and physical benefits associated with doing Pilates regularly. These include:

1.     Better connection between body and mind: Because the movements of Pilates require a lot of concentration and correct breathing, this makes one more aware of how the body moves, and how the mind and the body interact. Proper breathing is essential to the success of the movements, and it becomes very obvious after a while how the body and breathing can work together for the best results. This makes one more mindful of everyday movements and correcting posture during everyday life. The breathing exercises also provide a skillset that helps to deal with stress better, and the body/mind connection becomes much stronger.

2.     Longer, learner look: Because our Pilates classes in Pretoria focus on elongating and strengthening muscles, you will not build bulk, and your overall look will become more athletic, with longer and leaner muscles. The posture improves dramatically and the body moves better, which provides a healthier and safer way of moving. Pilates is perfect for those who would like to increase muscle strength without building bulk!

3.     Less injury: Pilates is an ideal exercise form for those who want to recover from injury. Because it strengthens the core muscles, it provides a stronger frame for the body and better consciousness of movement. This means that injuries are much less likely to occur during everyday life or during the practise of other exercise forms.

4.     Better movement: Because our Pilates classes place a lot of focus on long, clean, and smooth movements, it is very effective at developing a better exercise technique. A better consciousness of how the body moves makes one aware of how it should move, and all body movements eventually become more purposeful and more efficient.

If you are looking for outstanding training in Pilates and also teachers presenting Pilates classes in Pretoria, give our team of instructors a call. We provide professional training and teaching that includes the BASI method which is a highly effective curriculum-based form of training with a great reputation worldwide. Contact us today to find out more!

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