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Are You Looking to Change your Career? Learn How to Teach Pilates in Pretoria!

Are you bored with your current career? Perhaps you need more flexibility and you hate being stuck in an office the whole day. We have the answer! If you are currently considering a career change, becoming a Pilates instructor may just be thing that you had been looking for. Here are some good reasons to learn how to teach Pilates in Pretoria with BASI Pilates.

·         You will not become bored: Because there is so much to learn about Pilates, you will never be able to fully complete your Pilates training; you will always keep on learning. This helps to keep your work interesting. Pilates has evolved over the last twenty years and because there are so many different styles and interpretations, there are always new things to learn about this exercise discipline. We provide all the education and training you will need to become a fully-fledged instructor, and we also regularly host workshops facilitated by international experts in the field to keep your skills up to date and to keep your interest in Pilates instruction alive.

·         Career satisfaction: Many people also develop their own style of Pilates, which means that you will be able to not only teach people in new and fascinating ways, but that you can also contribute to the entire discipline in a personal way. This provides huge job satisfaction and a meaningful commitment to the discipline.

·         Flexibility: A career in Pilates is hugely flexible and you are virtually able to choose the hours you work, and where and how you work. Because Pilates is hugely popular and highly effective, there is a high demand for Pilates instructors in almost any environment. You can work from home and choose your own working hours with private clients; you can choose to teach dynamic classes in Pretoria; and you can even work on cruise ships, in upmarket hotels, in gyms and at other establishments. If you love to travel,, you can obtain an internationally recognised qualification at BASI and find work almost anywhere in the world. Mothers and fathers who want to spend more time with their families or work part-time will also have the option to earn a good part-time income at times that suit them. Being a Pilates instructor is a very flexible and versatile career choice.

However, it is worth mentioning though that you should have the right personality for the job – if you dislike working with people or you do not like exercise, you probably are not cut out for a career in Pilates. It work with people a lot and you have to be able to enjoy exercise in order to get the most from Pilates.

Why BASI Pilates in Pretoria?

BASI is an acronym for Body Arts and Science International and this also embodies our philosophy of what and how we teach. BASI Pilates in Pretoria offers instructor courses that are fully accredited with international bodies and also regular workshops that allow our students to progress towards a specialisation or to increase the skill base. Give us a call today to find out more about our curriculum-based courses at BASI Pilates today!

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