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Looking for a Safe Way to Exercise in Pretoria? Try Pilates!

If you live in Gauteng and you are looking for an exercise regime that will suit you, you may feel somewhat bewildered by all the different exercise disciplines out there. Certain physical conditions or injuries may prevent you from the usual gym-oriented exercise or eliminate the chance of doing any high-impact exercise, such as running or jogging, but it is a fact that Pilates remains one of the best forms of exercise for just about anyone.

·         Injured parties: It is possible for an instructor to create a tailor-made Pilates regime for people with injuries, and in certain cases, these movements can even provide remedial benefits that assist with the healing of these injuries. If you have suffered an injury and want to remain fit and strong, Pilates offers benefits that you won’t get from many other exercise disciplines. Just be sure to contact our instructors and have a thorough consultation before starting Pilates. In Pretoria, we have a studio with highly-skilled instructors who will be able to help!

·         Pregnant ladies: Doing Pilates while pregnant offers a host of benefits for both mother and baby. Because the movements focus on the strengthening of the core muscles that support the skeletal structure, the muscles around the stomach and back are better able to cope with the weight of a growing baby. Often, posture is pulled out of sync when the weight of the baby pulls us forward, and this results in back pain. Pilates movements strengthen all the muscles and help to correct posture to reduce back pain. The strengthening of the pelvic floor is also very important, as this helps during delivery, and a strong pelvic floor enables this part of the body to return to its pre-pregnancy state much faster.

·         Frail or elderly: Pilates is even safe for frail people – providing that it is being done with adequate assistance and guidance. It is the perfect exercise to build strength and balance, and this reduces the chances of slips and falls, and subsequent injuries. Elderly people also benefit from the increased flexibility and better range of movement that our Pilates can provide.

·         Recovering from illness: Because the intensity and types of movements can be adjusted to different levels of exertion, a person recovering from an illness can slowly build up strength. As they get stronger, the intensity can increase and other movements can be added to form a comprehensive Pilates regime that will benefit them in the short, medium and long term.

·         Mental conditions: People who struggle with stress, depression or anxiety can also benefit from Pilates. The movements are accompanied by breathing exercises and these help to relax the mind. During movements, absolute focus and concentration are required to perform the movements and hold them correctly. This trains the mind to become more focused and concentration improves. Achieving certain movements and noticing an improvement in overall health, strength and flexibility also provides a huge sense of achievement and better self-esteem!

As you can see, there is simply no excuse for you not to attend our studio in Pretoria! Give us a call to book a session today – you will be so glad you did!

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