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4 Reasons to Attend Pilates in Pretoria

Staying fit and healthy is important for people of all ages in order to maintain good health and a strong body. Exercise is a vital part of building a healthy body and it provides the body with a variety of other benefits too – better blood circulation, increased cardiac performance, better flexibility and increased range of movement, to name but a few. Usually people associate going to the gym or running marathons with cardiovascular exercise, but there are a few other exercise styles that are very low impact that can increase fitness levels and aerobic activity.  
Pilates is very effective – while the movements are slow, they require a lot of concentration and exertion. This makes this exercise style very suitable for those with leg or knee injuries, and a variety of other conditions that prevent people from running or partaking in other high impact exercise. If you live in Pretoria, here are some more reasons why you should attend Pilates classes.
1. It is suitable for all ages: There is no age range when it comes to Pilates, and all ages draw a variety of benefits from this exercise style. Young children learn to focus better on their bodies and increase balance. In addition to this, it can help to calm them down and become more aware of their bodies. This is essential during the growing years, when bad posture can turn into a long-term problem. Frail and elderly people are also able to increase fitness and flexibility if they do Pilates, and because it is low impact, there is very little chance of injury. It is important that the Pilates instructor first assesses the person before joining a class to determine their fitness levels and discover injuries to avoid any health risks.  
2. Anyone can do it: Pregnant women, children, injured people, disabled people, the elderly, men and everyone else can benefit from Pilates exercises! While certain movements are tailored to particular people, the overall discipline is associated with a range of advantages for anybody who participates. The elderly develop stronger muscles and better flexibility, and this helps to prevent injury. Children learn to focus better, and pregnant women benefit from a stronger skeletal structure and pelvic floor muscles, which help the body to carry the weight of the growing baby better, which often makes delivery easier. It is also a good exercise for men – because it strengthens and tones the muscles, men achieve better definition. Women benefit from the movements that elongate and tone muscles without bulking, and this gives them a leaner, more athletic appearance.
3. It is available everywhere: Regardless of where you go in the world, you will undoubtedly find a Pilates studio or practitioner. Pilates in Pretoria and the surrounding areas is particular easy to find and there are a number of studios located in this area. At BASI Pilates, we provide the perfect place for any Pilates disciples to attend classes.
4. Mental and physical benefits: Most forms of exercise increase physical health, but not all of them are as beneficial to mental health as Pilates. Because Pilates requires intense focus during movements, doing this can help to refocus the mind, and because a lot of emphasis is placed on breathing techniques during the movements, it results in a more relaxed body. Breathing is a great coping mechanism that helps us to deal with stress and anxiety.
If you want to find out where you can do Pilates in Pretoria, give our team at BASI Pilates a call today!

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