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Get All the Health Benefits from Pilates in Pretoria

Everybody wants to remain in good health for as long as possible, and exercise is a crucial part of building a better musculature, regulating blood circulation, assisting cardiac health, and increasing range of movement and flexibility. We often only associate running or jumping with exercise, but in reality, there are a lot of low-impact alternatives that are just as effective at getting us fit and building a healthier mind and body.  

Pilates is one exercise style that has grown exponentially over the last five decades in South Africa, and it is now easier than ever to find Pilates in Pretoria. Pilates has now become so popular that you can find it practically anywhere in the world – whether you are in New York or even India, you will most definitely find an opportunity to practice this healthy exercise discipline if you look for it.
More about BASI Pilates in Pretoria
BASI Pilates is an instructional tool used to train better Pilates instructors, and the best of these have to conduct regular sessions in order to gain the practical experience that they need. This type of Pilates embraces the basic philosophy of Pilates, and incorporates the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of this exercise discipline. In order to qualify, trainee instructors at BASI have to complete a high level educational curriculum that is outcomes-based, and practical sessions form a large part of the instruction. BASI Pilates uses a high level of involvement with the Block system. This is a type of technique that provides a platform for instructors to combine a wide range of movements and exercises contained in the classic repertoire of Pilates.
Health Benefits of Pilates
There are so many advantages associated with Pilates that it is no wonder that it is so popular!
Better body awareness: Because the movements are deliberate and high levels of concentration are needed to focus on certain muscle groups while exercising, it creates a better awareness of the body and how it moves. This means that even in everyday life people are more likely to focus on their movements and improve posture when needed.  
Better blood circulation and heart health: Just because Pilates is a low-impact exercise, it does not mean that it doesn’t include some serious cardio exercise. Performing the movements required by this exercise form can dramatically elevate the heart rate and lead to stronger blood circulation, better fitness levels and a healthier cardiovascular system.
Increased range of movement: The movements performed during a Pilates session often utilise muscles that are not used in everyday life, and stretching and tensing these muscles allow for them to elongate and create a higher degree of suppleness in the body. This means that one’s range of movement is increased and the probability of injury is decreased.
Better stress management: Pilates incorporates breathing techniques that are very useful when it comes to relaxation and the management of emotional tension.
If you would like to learn more about the other health benefits that Pilates provides, feel free to book a class at our BASI Pilates studio in Pretoria!

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