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Are You Looking for Pilates Classes for Pregnant Women in Pretoria?

Many expecting mothers who like to exercise have to alter their exercise regimes to accommodate the pregnancy, or find a new type of exercise that will benefit both the mother and the baby. One of the safest and most effective ways to stay in shape and remain healthy during pregnancy is to do Pilates. If you live in Pretoria, the BASI Pilates studios offer Pilates classes that will provide you with an exercise discipline that you can attend as often as you like. You can reap the following benefits from Pilates during pregnancy:

·         Improved core strength: Because Pilates places a lot of focus on the core muscles, such as the abdominal wall and lower back muscles, it helps your body to deal better with the growing weight of the baby. Often, during pregnancy, the body is pulled forward by the weight of the baby and your posture gets out of shape. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is also released by the body, and this causes the ligaments that connect the bones to muscles to relax. This also pulls your posture out of shape and often results in body pain. Doing Pilates in Pretoria will help to strengthen these core muscles that support your skeleton, and you will be able to deal with the weight of the baby better.

·         Reduced back pain: If your abdominal core muscles are strong, they can counter the weight of the growing foetus better, and this can vastly reduce the back pain that women usually experience during late pregnancy when the baby becomes heavy.

·         Better awareness of the body and movement: Our Pilates in Pretoria consists of slow movements and poses that are safe for the baby, and these are combined with certain patterns of breathing that are performed during these movements. A lot of focus is required to perform the movements correctly, while also breathing correctly, as it is crucial to focus on particular muscles while movements are performed. This provides you with a better understanding of your body and the muscles, and also the way you move. This helps you to correct small things in the way you move or stand in your everyday life, and as a result, your posture is improved, and less pain is experienced.

·         Robust pelvic floor muscles: The core muscles also include the muscles in the pelvic floor, which help to contain the baby during pregnancy, and then also to push the baby out during delivery. Exercising these muscles with Pilates classes in Pretoria can help you to significantly strengthen these muscles, which can help to make delivery easier. A pelvic floor that can contract easily also helps all those tricky pelvic areas to get back into shape a lot faster after delivery.                      

·         Stress management: During Pilates classes for expectant mothers, the women are often taught how to breathe to manage pain and stress during birth, as well as anxiety. The breathing exercises that form a routine part of our classes teach you how to breathe during contractions, and also how to use breathing as a stress management tool.

If you are looking for a studio that offers Pilates for pregnant women in Pretoria, contact our team at BASI Pilates to book a consultation with one of our experienced trainers today.

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