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Do You Want to Attend Pilates Classes in Pretoria? Attend BASI Pilates!

Even though Pilates is a relatively new exercise discipline (around 50 years old), people already find it hugely enjoyable and effective, and the fan base of this particular type of exercise has grown exponentially over the last two decades. This means that there are many studios where Pilates is offered all over the country. If you are keen to attend these classes, BASI Pilates in Pretoria offers a variety of classes that will help you to stay fit and healthy! And, if you love Pilates so much that you consider becoming an instructor, our instructor courses are some of the best courses around. Here, you can gain an international qualification with the BASI philosophy.

BASI is an acronym for Body Arts and Science International, and all BASI studios around the world subscribe to this philosophy. Our teachings are based on physical anatomy, physiology, and principles of science, and we place great focus on the different movements and how they affect the body. Our main goal is to create courses that set high professional standards and maintain these high standards of teaching, resulting in some of the best Pilates trainers in Pretoria.

In order to keep our trainers well informed and allow them to specialise in certain areas of Pilates, we offer regular workshops by internationally experienced teacher trainers, and this allows our Pilates trainers to constantly update their knowledge and skills, in order to improve their way of teaching. Because there is a specific regulation process in place in South Africa, BASI strives at all times to meet these needs in order to provide our teachers and trainers with the opportunities to become locally and internationally qualified. In addition to this, our rates are highly competitive, and we present trainees with plenty of opportunities to teach classes to gain better insight into training methodologies and working with a wide variety of audiences.

Whether you just want to attend Pilates in Pretoria or learn to become an instructor, a BASI Pilates studio in Pretoria is the place to be. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you!

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