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Why You Should Choose BASI Pilates in Pretoria for Your Instructor Training

If you have decided to study to become a Pilates instructor, you will be happy to know that there are many different career opportunities for you. You can work just about anywhere in the world, if you get the right qualifications and practical experience from an accredited Pilates instructor training studio. This is why experts recommend that you choose well when selecting a place to study and practice Pilates. At BASI Pilates in Pretoria and Johannesburg, we offer outstanding training courses and great opportunities. We are more than just a Pilates teaching academy – we also help you to market yourself once you have qualified!

BASI is an acronym for Body Arts & Science International, and it is one of the most sought-after Pilates training programmes in the world. There are teaching academies in more than 30 countries with more than 100 host studios, including various places in South Africa. Because BASI offers an internationally recognised qualification, it is one of the best Pilates instructor courses you can do. At BASI Pilates in Pretoria, we have worked hard to establish a reputation for innovation, great value for money, and academic excellence. Because we work with the internationally acclaimed BASI school of Pilates, our standards are very high, and we are proud of the ever-increasing number of highly respected Pilates instructors we train every year.

At BASI Pilates in Pretoria and Johannesburg, we offer a wide range of courses, and we regularly offer master-level workshops by international Pilates experts. Our practical training is supported by detailed online and printed study guides, workbooks, and supporting DVDs. Our students receive credits when they use the online video resources we provide, detailing a large number of movements and instructor training.

If you are ready to become a Pilates instructor, you simply have to contact our team at BASI Pilates in Pretoria. Make an appointment with us and we will take you through the training course processes. We even have a repayment plan. Call us today to find out more.


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