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Why Pilates Should Be on Your List of Health Objectives

Even though Pilates is a relatively new exercise discipline, its popularity has spread like wildfire across the world. One of the main reasons for this is that it is an exercise programme for just about anyone. Pilates can help people with disabilities to develop physical strength, and also help expectant women to stay fit during pregnancy.

It can help the elderly to develop better core strength and increase their range of movement. It can help professional athletes to perform better, and it can also help people with injuries to rehabilitate faster. Of course, it helps anyone who needs to develop some kind of physical fitness to increase their cardio abilities and muscular strength, as well as be more mindful of their movements and positions during the day.

The benefits of Pilates include the following:

·         Better core strength: Our bodies place a lot of strain on our skeletal muscles. These muscles work to keep us erect, and enable us to sit, walk, drive, work, and perform physical tasks that are crucial to our survival every day. The core muscles support the skeleton, and when these are strong, we carry our weight and our bodies much better. Because we focus heavily on core strength in our Pilates classes in Pretoria, you will find that the extra strength that is developed during these sessions will benefit you in all kinds of ways, such as having better posture and having to endure less pain.

·         Higher fitness levels: Even though Pilates tends to be seen as a rather static exercise regime, it can provide you with quite a cardio workout. If the intensity level is varied according to your needs, it will ensure that your body is challenged to the extreme. One of the beauties of Pilates is that the intensity can be varied according to your fitness levels. This means that you can still complete a major workout when you need it.

·         Increased range of movement: One of the things that yoga and Pilates have in common is that they both stretch muscles in all kinds of directions. When these movements are performed on a regular basis, it enables us to become suppler, and as a result, the everyday movements we perform become easier.

·         Better mindset: Because any form of exercise pumps more oxygen into our brains and our bodies respond by providing us with more feel-good hormones, it benefits our minds as well. A brain filled with oxygen-rich blood can make a huge difference to our mental state, so doing regular Pilates can help to elevate the feel-good factor.

If you would like to know more about our Pilates studio in Pretoria and how attending our classes can benefit you, give our team at BASI Pilates a call. Our instructors are all highly trained and we will organise a consultation with you to determine your needs, in order to find you the best exercise regime. Contact us today to find out more.

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