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Start a New Career with BASI Pilates in Pretoria

The humdrum life of the office is not for everyone. A lot of us find ourselves staring out of the window, looking at life going on outside, wishing for a tea break, and longing for home time. We get stuck in our everyday routines and the necessity to earn an income, and as a result, we often get bogged down with jobs that restrict our freedom of choice and movement. For those who feel like this, it helps to remember that there is an alternative!

If you love exercise and people, and yearn for an opportunity to work for yourself, you should consider studying Pilates in Pretoria, at our wonderful studio at BASI Pilates. Because Pilates is one of the most effective exercise disciplines around and can be used by anyone – from pregnant ladies and professional athletes, to those recovering from injuries and elderly people, it is in high demand. A good Pilates instructor can work virtually anywhere in the world, and the opportunities are endless. Would you like to work on a cruise ship or a luxury yacht for a celebrity? Would you love to work for yourself and incorporate more flexibility into your schedule? Are you a new mom who needs to earn a part-time income? There are so many different situations where a career as a Pilates instructor would apply perfectly.

While training as an instructor at our Pilates studio in Pretoria may sound great, you have to ask yourself some serious questions first. It helps to ensure that you are indeed heading in the right direction. Some of the most poignant questions include:

·         Do you like physical activity?

You need to set an example for the people you teach. You have to master the movements and be prepared to do these on a regular basis. If you loathe exercise programmes, studying at BASI Pilates in Pretoria is probably not the best solution. You have to love exercise to become a Pilates instructor.

·         Do you deal well with people?

By definition, a Pilates instructor has to instruct other people. Whether it is in a group or individual sessions remains up to you, but you have to like people enough to help them reach their goals. You have to be dynamic, energetic, and motivational. If you are able to sustain enthusiasm for exercise, you will be worth your weight in gold to your clients.

·         Which type of work do you want?

Would you function better in a studio, or would you like to start your own business working with individual clients at their homes? Are you better with groups or with one-on-one exercise? We  present workshops throughout the year led by internationally acclaimed Pilates experts that will enable you to strengthen your skills.

While working for yourself can be stressful, it is also much more rewarding than working for someone else. Consider a new career in Pilates, and consult our team at BASI Pilates in Pretoria to find out more.

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