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3 Tips on Working Out More Effectively During Your Pilates Classes in Pretoria

Pilates has become one of the most popular exercise regimes across the world over the last three decades. The reasons for this are clear – it is possible to achieve outstanding health benefits on many different levels through regular practice. While a lot of other exercise disciplines tend to focus on particular strengths and variety, in order to be effective, even a short session of Pilates at our studio in Pretoria provides many benefits that are not easy to achieve through other disciplines. It is, however, always possible to draw more benefit from our Pilates classes by doing a few simple things.

1.     Visible seams: Yes, it sounds totally far-fetched, but wearing clothing with seams that are visible helps you to check your body’s movements while working out. If you can see the seams along your legs or your sides, they can serve as markers to help you align your body better. So, leave the baggies at home and strut your stuff in some tight-fitting attire with visible seams. It is even possible to purchase Pilates clothing that is specifically designed with this purpose in mind.

2.     Concentration is vital: Yes, Pilates is a physical workout. But it is much, much more than that! Pilates is designed to work on many different levels, including the mind and your emotional wellbeing. This means that it is vital to concentrate on the movements you perform, and to remain alert and mindful while you perform these poses. Only if you are able to give the movement your full concentration will you be able to get it right. While this sounds stressful, it is actually the opposite. It means that you are forced to focus intensely on something outside of your normal life, and this brings with it great freedom and a different perspective on everyday life.

3.     Controlled breathing: During our Pilates classes in Pretoria, we consider breathing just as important as the movements. Correct breathing forms one of the cornerstones of Pilates. Nobody can live without breathing, and learning to breathe effectively and more purposefully can alleviate a wide range of physical and mental challenges.

If you live in Pretoria and are keen to learn more about how Pilates can improve the quality of your life and body, give our friendly team a call today!

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