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Why You Should Attend Our Pregnancy Pilates At Our Studio in Pretoria

If you are a mom-to-be, especially if you are becoming a first-time mom and you love your fitness routine, you may be a bit daunted by the idea of exercising during your pregnancy. More and more women are cottoning onto the benefits that Pilates provides during their pregnancy, as there is no better way to exercise during gestation than Pilates!

Running is too high impact, especially during the first trimester, and many other forms of exercise may be dangerous to the baby while it is still developing. At BASI Pilates, we offer pregnancy Pilates in Pretoria that will not only benefit moms-to-be while pregnant, but also after the delivery! Here is what you can expect when you perform Pilates during your pregnancy:

·         Stronger core muscles: Because Pilates places the most emphasis on the core muscles, it means that your abdominals, back muscles and pelvic muscles will be strengthened. This not only tones the body, but also provides a much more effective support framework for the body during pregnancy. The weight of the growing baby will inevitably take its toll on the back and abdominal muscles, and having a strong core enables the mom-to-be to have better posture and stronger muscles to support the skeletal system while the baby is growing.

·         Resilient pelvic floor: The pelvic floor serves as an important support system to keep the baby tucked into the body and to help push the baby out during delivery. Many pregnant ladies worry about the elasticity of their pelvic floor after birth, but Pilates can help to return everything to its proper form again relatively soon after delivery.

·         Maintain healthy weight: Many mothers-to-be put on weight during pregnancy, but performing Pilates during pregnancy helps to keep the weight at a healthy level. It also helps to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape and lose the baby weight a lot quicker after the birth.

·         Stress control: Because Pilates requires a lot of concentration and focus, it can help to manage stress. The breathing techniques used during movements also help you to focus better on breathing as a mechanism to reduce tension, and to help with breathing during delivery.

·         Better posture: As the weight of the baby increases and it gets bigger, the body has to change in order to make more room. As a result, the posture and the balance of the body are usually compromised. Pilates cannot completely stop the misalignment of the body, but it can help to strengthen the muscles that are used to stabilise the body, especially the back and hip muscles that control balance. Because the posture is better, as a result, backache is reduced and less discomfort is experienced during the later stages of pregnancy.

If you would like to find out more about how Pilates can benefit you during your pregnancy, come and attend one of our Pilates classes in Pretoria! We will be able to answer all your questions and give you informed advice about the benefits of Pilates.

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