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Why So Many People in Pretoria Love Pilates

While it is true that women mostly dominated Pilates classes in the past, there is now a whole lot more people of all ages and genders joining Pilates classes in Pretoria. This is because the popularity of this exercise discipline has escalated over the last decade and people are realising that no matter how old or pregnant they are, they will be able to benefit from doing Pilates regularly.

  • Pilates for the Elderly: Those in the more advanced stages of life are usually more aware of their health and find it difficult to find exercise types that don’t intimidate, injure or completely exhaust them. A lot of older and frail individuals are afraid of injuries, yet they still want to do something in addition to walking, in order to stay fit and to keep their bodies healthy. Pilates is a great way to keep a mature body fit and it has a variety of benefits that particularly apply to older adults, because it reduces the effects of a range of age related health problems, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and lumbar spinal stenosis. Other health benefits include greater flexibility and range of movement, and it allows for better body movement, while reducing the chances of injuries occurring during everyday life. It also improves balance and core strength.  It is, however, crucial that an assessment is carried out by a Pilates instructor and that a personalised plan is developed.
  • Pilates for Men: Men love Pilates because Pilates can help to transform any body shape for the better. Whether they are musclemen or a relative stranger to exercise, the movements of Pilates can tune the body into a fine working machine. The muscles required for body movements on an everyday basis are relatively strong, as they are being used regularly, such as the leg muscles. Other muscles that are not utilised that much, like the abdominals, eventually get weaker, so some additional exercise is needed to keep these muscles strong. A weak core can result in back problems, and Pilates focuses particularly on the development of the core. It also teaches men to become more aware of their bodies and how to control movement better, which leads to greater flexibility and being more in tune with their bodies.
  • Pilates for Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are often afraid to attempt exercise, fearing that it may harm the pregnancy. Pilates is a safe exercise discipline to do while pregnant and it is particularly beneficial during pregnancy and also for delivery. The weight of the growing baby often pulls the stomach forward, causing the back to arch and the shoulders to drop, which may result in bad posture and back pain. Pilates helps to strengthen the core muscles that support the spinal column and this helps the body to remain in the correct posture during pregnancy. Pelvic floor muscles are also strengthened with this form of exercise, and this helps to carry the baby better and to assist with birth. It also helps the body to get back into shape after the delivery. Doing regular Pilates during pregnancy will also help to get back into shape easier after the birth of the baby.

Pilates is also a great exercise for kids and teenagers, as it builds muscle strength and body awareness, which are two good things to take into adulthood! To learn more about BASI Pilates in Pretoria, give our team a call today!

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