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Name of workshop: “Pilates for Men” – (3hrs)

Presented by: Inge Pretorius (BASI SA Faculty)


Short description:


Joseph Pilates originally created his method of Contrology (Pilates) for men, but it is now predominantly practiced my women. This workshop highlights the power of the Pilates repertoire as a beneficial form of cross training and functional conditioning for men. Repertoire on the mat and Pilates equipment will focus on counteracting the often-imbalanced muscular development typical in male clients, and offer effective modifications to address restrictions most common in men. The concepts and tools provided will leave you better equipped to teach Pilates to men, as Joseph Pilates intended.   


Non BASI instructors are welcome.


Looking forward to seeing you there.

To register visit www.basipilates.co.za


Cost: R855.00 (Incl. VAT) - Normal rate applies if paid after midnight on the 3 May 2017

Cost: R741.00 (Incl. VAT) - Early Bird expires at midnight on the 3 May 2017


Date/s:  3 June 2017


Time: 15h30 – 18h30 (3hrs – No Breaks)



The Dynamic Body Studio, 12 Strangers way, Dorchester Heights, East London


Please use name surname & order No# as your reference and e-mail proof of payment to info@basipilates.co.za


Banking details:

BASI Pilates SA

Standard bank, Menlyn branch 012345

Acc No: 414449274

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