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Why You Should Start a New Career with BASI Pilates in Johannesburg

Are you tired of your office job? Do you crave more autonomy, or would you like to dictate your own working day? Have you ever dreamt of being self-employed?

If you said “yes” to one or more of these questions, there is a solution – but only if you really like working out and helping others. A career as a Pilates instructor can be rewarding and bring you many benefits that you cannot get in other careers. Because Pilates is such a highly effective and rewarding exercise discipline, it has become popular all over the world with all types of people. Everybody from pregnant ladies, the elderly, and children, to professional athletes and dancers all over the world love Pilates! If you live in Gauteng, our Pilates instructor courses in Johannesburg are just what you need to kick-start a whole new way of life and generate a viable income at the same time.

Why You Should Do Your Training at BASI Pilates in Johannesburg

The teachings of Pilates are highly specialised, so you need to have a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor or teacher to help you with the course. At BASI Pilates, we provide you with the theoretical and practical experiences you need to qualify as a Pilates instructor. All our instructors are highly qualified and experienced. This means that you are in excellent hands if you choose BASI Pilates in Johannesburg for your instructor training.

Because we believe in the ever-evolving nature of Pilates and the ability of Pilates professionals to create their own exercises and movements, we also know that the knowledge of Pilates is never quite complete. As a result, we welcome expertise from Pilates professionals who can teach us more about this very specialised exercise discipline. Our monthly workshops provide outstanding opportunities for even the most experienced and dedicated instructors to learn more about this discipline, and also to hone their skills in particular aspects of Pilates instruction.

If you are keen to learn more about becoming a Pilates instructor, please contact our very friendly team at BASI Pilates in Johannesburg. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best training options around!

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