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Life is a journey of adaptation and constant development. Your Pilates career should be too.

Pilates enthusiasts imagine if you will, waking up one morning in a brand new, fully furnished apartment, feeling fresh and excited about the first steps of your Pilates career and all it may have to offer. Well-rested and ready, you toss off your duck feather duvet and shuffle out of your superbly comfortable new bed. You step into a pair of cloud-like slippers and a morning robe befitting royalty. You then stroll into your modern kitchen, and using an array of innovative gadgets you prep an inspirational breakfast from your Pilates-motivated trip to Asia. An aromatic experience fills the air, of fresh Vietnamese coffee and warm, wafting Thai spice steaming from your ‘cong you bing jai dan’ (a green onion pancake with egg, naturally). You smile and greet the sun’s warmth with enthusiasm sipping your morning brew and gorging on eastern nostalgia. What fascinating new Pilates teachings and techniques may await you this glorious day? The sky is the limit, and this is a morning you wish would never end.

Now fast-forward 10 years. Waking up after a decade on the same lumpy mattress, popping into the same slippers and robe (likely now something resembling retirement-home status), and using the same outdated gadgets for the millionth coffee and 'somewhat an omelet'. The sun’s piercing rays telling you to go back to bed or face another day instructing the exact same Pilates class you've done for the last 10 years.

There is something absolutely inspiring about the ‘new’, be it a new place, new things, new experiences, new countries and cultures, new life, new career, new you. It beckons us to follow and discover all we can and very often to take our stories and findings to others just as eager to expand and explore. Life is full of these opportunities but sometimes we get so comfortable in the same rhythms and routines, we let them pass us by completely.

The BASI Advanced Learning workshops

Becoming a Pilates instructor is no exception. As a Pilates expert you still need to keep your skills and practice up-to-date with the latest discoveries in the field. You cannot let your teachings become outdated or redundant, and run the risk of falling behind more adaptable Pilates instructors. The BASI Advanced Learning workshops are aimed at just that, keeping you up to date with selective courses in advanced niche divisions. Examples of these courses are ‘Pilates for triathletes’, ‘Pilates for golfers’, or ‘Functional Neurology: a modern solution to resolve lower back pain’. These courses are designed to elevate your expertise, and are taught by our list of reputable Pilates instructors.

BASI Pilates regards education as the ultimate vehicle to success in the Pilates industry. Continue to learn and stay abreast with our available workshops and symposiums. Pilates is not just another dead-end job, it is a lifestyle meant for the passionate at heart. Register & pay today to take advantage of our special Early Bird rates.


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