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Take your Pilates career from 'a dream in the works' to 'certified and super-charged!' with BASI Centralised Testing

Pilates is booming in popularity both amongst aspiring instructors, and practicing enthusiasts alike. It is a discipline that constantly pushes one to perfection and a holistically healthy lifestyle. For those becoming a Pilates instructor, the journey can be long and winding (but always enjoyable!) with many techniques to master and levels of complexity to contend with. Keeping your eye on the end goal is imperative to completion, and while it may be an obvious statement to many, proper certification is crucial to finalising your Pilates dream.

Certification is highly important in that it helps existing and potential Pilates clients identify professional Pilates instructors, and ultimately translates to positive word of mouth to your well-experienced Pilates practice. This well-earned validation places you above any competition that may offer a lower-rated qualification and is a ‘stamp of excellence’, a clear indicator of your professional growth and ambition in the field of Pilates.

The BASI Centralised Testing offers BASI Pilates students who have completed certain course levels the opportunity to test their knowledge and the practice of Pilates at a Centralised Testing location.

A few things to note regarding BASI Centralised Testing:

  • Students would need to register within 1 year of completing Module 6 for MTTC Students and Module 12 for CTTC Students.
  • Registration is easily done through our online portal, you will need to create a login profile to register.
  • There are a variety of available locations and dates to choose from.
  • Should you not successfully pass the teaching or practical demonstration section/s of the Centralised Testing, you can simply re-register and redo the section/s that were failed. If you have section/s to redo, you will need to pass them within 1 year of completing Module 6. There is a fee of R342.00 per section, yet for the written exam you will simply need to make arrangements with the course administrator for a re-write at no extra cost.
  •  Once all the requirements have been met (Course payments are paid in full, all testing done and passed, and all hours completed), a request is sent to BASI Pilates HQ (USA) to process required, signed certificates and send to BASI South Africa. Once the certificate arrives, the student will be notified and the certificate can be collected from the Host Studio where the student attended the course. Students will need to sign for their own certificate.

Because the BASI Pilates courses focus on the in-depth education and superior preparation of our students, we offer every advantage to giving you the best possible chance of fully completing your BASI certification with confidence. Certification gives recognition of competency and shows a true commitment to the Pilates profession. After all the hard work you’ve put into growing your Pilates career, certification is the final step you need to take to proudly call yourself a professional Pilates instructor.

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