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Reach the peak of your Pilates career with our BASI Probridge Comprehensive Program

You’ve been doing this for years, you’ve studied the craft, you love teaching and seeing the difference it makes in your clients’ lives, you’re a professional Pilates instructor, living out your dreams. An accomplishment we salute and applaud you for achieving! It takes years of consistent interest and dedication to come to this point and you deserve to be recognised for the hard work you’ve put into building up your Pilates career.

That’s why we at BASI Pilates South Africa have devised a comprehensive Pilates program aimed at the professional Pilates instructor. This comprehensive course is the perfect opportunity to acquire a BASI education and ultimately join the BASI professional network.

The BASI Probridge Comprehensive Program is divided into:

Module 1 - The Fundamentals:

It is always important to refresh the basics, even as a professional. And because you will be certified with BASI (should you choose) we are dedicated to making sure you have covered all aspects of our curriculum. This will start with the principles of Pilates, the study of the pelvis, correct breathing, exercise description, a historical overview of the Pilates profession and most essential of all, safety.

Module 2 & 3 - Anatomy 1 & 2:

This foundational overview will take you through the anatomical field, the correct terminology to be used, the study of the joints, centre of gravity, cueing & imagery. In the second section we then go through the anatomical movement analysis, muscles, aerobic & anaerobic exercise, as well as the BASI Block system.

Module 4 - Posture Assessment:

It goes without saying that anatomy and posture go hand in hand. This covers the key principles of alignment, posture and posture assessment in Pilates. We then also take a look at different types of faulty postures.

Module 5 – Core strength - Back & Abdominals:

An essential module, this takes you through effective exercises, contraindications for the spine, guidelines for successful teaching, and being a teacher.

Module 6 – Exercise Adaptation:

At some stage in your Pilates career, you are likely to come across clients that for some reason or another, are not able to perform certain standard movements. This is where you will learn about exercise adaptation, exercise progression, modifications to exercise, using small equipment, and finally, constructing a complete and comprehensive program.

Module 7 – Muscle, Balance and Imbalance:

This takes a look at the importance of balance, imbalances in strength and flexibility as a cause of injury, functional versus isolation exercises, muscle testing and function.

Module 8 – The Lower Limbs:

We take a look at the hip joint, the knee joint, the ankle-foot complex, the gait cycle.

Module 9 – The Shoulder:

Moving on we examine the shoulder region in the Pilates repertoire and working with clients with shoulder problems.

Module 10 – Program Design:

An essential for any Pilates Professional. We assist you in the principles of training, components of health-related physical fitness, dividing repertoire into levels, and working with a broad range of clientele.

Module 11 – Specific Populations:

We then take a look at athletic populations and teaching methodology.

Module 12 – Pregnancy:

A highly necessary module. There are obvious limitations and precautions that need to be taken with a pregnant client. In this module we learn about different objectives and approaches to teach both men and women, as well as how to adjust to different body types.

Certificate options:

After successful completion of the Probridge Comprehensive Program, students have two options, namely a non-certificate option where there is no examination but includes an attendance letter, and then the certified option. We would obviously strongly suggest the latter which would then include the centralised testing process.

To complete centralised testing, students are given one year to register after completion of their relevant modules (Module 6 for MTTC Students and Module 12 for CTTC Students). Once all requirements are met, a request is sent to BASI Pilates HQ (USA) for processing.

We are always looking at ways of helping Pilates instructors succeed on their journey to becoming qualified, and then beyond. Place yourself as a Pilates guru and become certified with one of the most recognised names in Pilates training and practicing. Take our BASI Probridge Comprehensive Program.

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