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Change your life; change your career with our Comprehensive Teacher Training Course in Pilates

Many people come across pilates at different stages of their life, but mostly all realize just how beneficial it can be towards living a holistic lifestyle. Then there are the select few, who as absolute fanatics, decide to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor. Fortunately, this is a decision anyone can make at any stage of their lives, whether freshly out of school and ready to take on the world, already involved in one of our foundation phase pilates courses, or even established with a career in a completely different industry.  There is no cut off date to following your dream.

You deserve to feel a sense of happiness and real contribution in your place of work, and pilates offers just that. It has flexible hours, you’re able to work from home or at a studio, build relationships with like-minded people and stay fit and healthy! With health benefits like increasing your muscle strength and tone, as well as flexibility and general well being, pilates offers expertly-devised exercise options that are both challenging and enjoyable.

What’s more, becoming a Pilates instructor with our Comprehensive Teacher Training Course qualifies you at the highest level of Pilates Method. The program also includes several unique methodologies that have made the BASI teacher training the most contemporary and exciting of its kind. If you’re serious about practicing as a Pilates instructor, this is the course for you:

What does the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course entail?

The course is broken down into hours across 4 sections.

1. Academic Study – 72 hours

All BASI Pilates Courses have a modular structure. These modules include lectures, exercise analysis, practice and discussion. This section covers your theoretical study and operates as the foundation on which to build your expertise.

2. Practical work – 200 hours

This individual practice can be done at home or at a Pilates studio, and offers you as a Pilates student, the opportunity to practice the theory you’ve learned.

3. Observation – 100 hours

During this section you will be observing seasoned BASI Pilates Instructors as they teach various classes. You will be able to then learn from their methods and techniques in order to better your own craft.

4. Apprentice Teaching – 200 hours

Now it’s all up to you! Take everything you have learned and teach your very own classes. You can teach anyone, from fellow students to family and friends. Keep record of your hours and you’re almost done!

What am I qualified to do after the course?

This comprehensive course is just that. Upon completion you will be qualified to:

  • Work according to the principles of pilates, analyzing and understanding each exercise at an anatomical and biomechanical level
  • Assess postures, solve problems and provide safe and effective exercise solutions according to the needs and goals of the individual
  • Direct a studio, using the full line of Pilates apparatus
  • Teach at all levels of clients on the full complement of equipment including mat work

If you’ve already decided or are still deciding to move forward with your own pilates career, there is no time like the present! Our expert Pilates Instructors and lecturers are eager and ready to pass on their knowledge, giving you the best possibility of success! Book your spot in our Comprehensive Teacher Training Course today.

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