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How Doing Pilates Instructor Training Can Help You Get Out of The Rat Race

Are you bored with your nine-to-five job, or itching to get out of the office? Do you long for the independence that your own business will bring, yet you still have to earn enough money to pay the bills? Do you desire more flexibility in your schedule, or would you like to earn money on a part-time basis?

Pilates is the answer! If you are someone who is interested in health and fitness, likes to work with others and likes to help people, you may want to explore the possibility of becoming a Pilates instructor. At BASI Pilates, you can do all the Pilates instructor training to gain the qualifications and experience needed in order to become a fully trained and qualified Pilates instructor!

How Do You Know If You Will Be a Good Instructor?

It is true – not everyone is cut out to become a fitness instructor. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to qualify in the first place, and if you aren’t sure, it is best that you speak to other Pilates instructors to find out more about their lifestyle, the type of work, the number of clients, and the pros and cons of being an instructor. It can also cost quite a bit of money and take time to complete your Pilates instructor training, so it is important that you do courses and workshops on a continuous basis to hone your skills and to gain valuable experience that will help you to sustain a competitive edge. Your temperament has to suit this type of work in order for you to have an enjoyable career in Pilates.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Being a Pilates Instructor?

·         Independence: If you are someone who hates being managed and would prefer to work for yourself, Pilates can be a very liberating career. While Pilates instructors are employed by various studios, you can usually decide where and how you want to work, and in essence, run your own independent business.

·         High-work demand: Because Pilates has increased in popularity over the last two decades, it is in high demand just about everywhere, and you won’t struggle to find work or clients.

·         Wide choice of career options: If you are someone who likes to travel, you can find work just about anywhere. Hotels, spas, luxury cruise ships and many other establishments need good Pilates instructors, and you will have a very wide choice of where and how you want to work.

·         Flexibility: You can choose whether you would like to work in a studio, teach from your home, taking on private clients at their homes, or a combination of them all. You can dictate where you work and which hours you work, and you can adjust your earnings and working hours according to your own needs. Whether you are a mom who wants to spend more time with the kids, or someone craving the adventure of a full-time travelling job, doing your Pilates instructor training and becoming a qualified Pilates instructor will provide you with the flexibility you need to do so.

If you want to find out more about the excellent Pilates instructor training that we provide at BASI Pilates, just give our friendly team a call today!

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