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Need a New Career?  Do Pilates Instructor Training!

Are you bored with your job? Tired of traipsing into an office every day and doing what is required by your employer? Do you wish that you could work for yourself, at your own pace, location or at the times that suit you? Are you perhaps a new parent who would like to spend more time with your baby, and looking for a flexible form of income? Doing Pilates instructor training will allow you to follow an alternative career path that will give you much more flexibility in your work schedule.

There are plenty of opportunities out there as Pilates instructors are in high demand all over the world. Health spas, fitness studios, cruise ships and luxury hotels all have a demand for good Pilates instructors, and if you want to stay closer to home, you can set up your own studio and teach from home, or go out to private clients or studios to teach there. This means that you have a lot more control over your life and your income.

It is, however, very important that you like exercise and that you have a particular fondness of this exercise discipline. Of course, you also have to be serious about turning your Pilates sessions into a career. It is also recommended that you have a good understanding of the various types of Pilates and know how to instruct in these. Often, people have more affinity for a particular style, and specialising in that style takes time, effort and money. It is also possible to qualify as an instructor and then develop your own style of teaching this very effective exercise form.

Regardless of where you teach, you will need qualifications that are internationally recognised, and it is essential that the Pilates instructor training that you choose is accredited by the relevant bodies. Ensure that you do enough research to find out which establishment will be most beneficial to you, and later specialise once the basics of classic Pilates have been mastered.

Keep in mind that Pilates instructor training can also be very expensive, and that it takes long to complete.  It is better to start your studies with a private instructor or teacher, but there are studios, such as BASI Pilates, that offer accredited courses in a class format. It is vital to concentrate and pay attention to the various forms and nuances of the movements in order to ensure that results are achieved and that no injuries are caused. You also have to learn to master the various types of equipment that are used routinely in Pilates instruction, and for this reason, it is better to choose an establishment that already has all of the correct equipment in place.

At BASI Pilates, we offer accredited courses instructed by internationally recognised Pilates instructors and experienced teachers. Our courses are curriculum-based, and our high-quality training materials and testing systems are in place to ensure that you get the most from your Pilates teacher training. Because it is essential to build up an extensive skill base before qualification, we also run a variety of specialist workshops facilitated by highly qualified individuals. This means that you can continue to expand your knowledge base and skill sets on a long-term basis.

To find out more about BASI Pilates instructor training at our studios in Gauteng, give our friendly team a call and we will provide you with all of the information and the instruction that you need to create a career as a Pilates instructor. Call us today!

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