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How to plan a Pilates Schedule You'll Actually Keep To

The best way to make sure that you get your Pilates practices in is to plan a schedule, but that’s the easy part. Many of us have grand ideas of what we can accomplish, and can have a great time creating a schedule that looks impressive - cue fancy stationery, pretty highlighters and some colouring in - but the hard part is actually sticking to your plan when it is so easy to find excuses and reasons not to.

It’s quite easy to say, “I’m going to attend 5 Pilates classes this week”, but what happens when the power’s out and the traffic’s jammed, and you can’t make it to your classes on time? You need to be prepared for the excuses that you’ll come up with (and there may be many).

  1. Its all about YOU. Structure your classes in a way that works for you. Maybe you enjoy a specific BASI Pilates Instructor and want to attend all his classes, or maybe you prefer the early morning classes before work. Having something about the class to look forward to will help with motivation. Yet keep in mind it is also important to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. Try attend one class every now and then of something different, it could be a different instructor, class time, or even a more advanced class. Trying something new will help keep things interesting and will be a good “surprise” to your body.
  2. Start small. Don’t plan large goals and set yourself up to fail. If you’re planning to attend 5 classes a week but you haven’t followed a Pilates routine in a long time maybe that’s not the best move. Why not try attend 3 classes in the week and have 2 “at home” sessions? The important thing with practising Pilates at home is to be prepared with a workout ahead of time. So, download an app, watch some Youtube videos or create your own class (if you know what you’re doing). Do this ahead of time so that you know exactly what you’re going to do when it’s time to start.
  3. Watch out for common excuses. “I don’t have time today; I’ll do it tomorrow”. Don’t fall for this excuse, it’s a trap! If you don’t have time today, you won’t have time tomorrow and pretty soon your fancy Pilates plan will be out the window. Prepare a 15 to 20-minute Pilates session to use for when you genuinely don’t have time. You can squeeze it in last thing in the evenings and keep yourself on track.

Pilates is a lifestyle, not a fad exercise regime so if you miss one day, don’t let that turn into one week. Give yourself ample rest and recovery days and make sure the schedule is sustainable. The key to staying on schedule is to take away the choice. Just like brushing your teeth, do it because its habit, its good for you and there is no other option.

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