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Those that do Pilates together, stay together

Those that do Pilates together, stay together

You’ve probably seen pictures on social media of couples doing Pilates together, with their happy faces, tanned bodies and 6 packs to die for. While that could be motivation enough, there’s so much more that Pilates has to offer for couples. If you haven’t persuaded your partner to join you yet, here’s how you can convince them:

Enjoy Quality Time

What better way to spend time with your partner than a great work out? There are so many distractions that keep us from spending quality time with our loved one. Joining a Pilates class together is a great opportunity for you to hang out while reaping the rewards of exercise. Two birds, one stone! Plus, you could even use it to replace the traditional date night, or at the very least it’ll give you more to talk about at your next date night.

Strengthen Your Bond

Working at a goal as a team will help to strengthen your bond as you’ll be able to support each other during Pilates classes as well as after. Being able to chat about the classes, your best and worst exercises, your favourite Pilates instructors, how you’re going to reach your goals – these small things are pieces of a much bigger picture that create social connection and improve your bond.

Create a Happier Relationship

You know that “runner’s high”, the feeling of pleasure you have after a great Pilates class? Imagine sharing in that with the person you love! Pilates classes not only give you the rush of endorphins from your class, but they can also improve your overall happiness and decrease your stress levels. If both of you are working at it, you could find yourselves in relationship bliss.

Find Your Zen as a Team

Taking a Pilates class together can help you create a space where you as a couple can meditate, where you can find calm in your surroundings and feel present in the moment. You’ll learn to appreciate each other more and find a new sense of security in your relationship by allowing yourselves to be vulnerable with each other.

Keep Your Partner Interested

Yes, we’re going to mention it – doing Pilates together can increase your sexual attraction! You’ll both be feeling good as you work hard towards your goals, and if the physical results aren’t enough to speak for themselves, the release of endorphins are also there to amp up your sex drive. Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage after a challenging workout, and being confident in yourself leaves you free to enjoy the affections of your partner without feeling self-conscious, you may even encourage it more! Sometimes it’s the small things that make the big difference!

On top of all that, Pilates classes are fun and you’ll both be getting healthier together! And who knows, maybe you two will become the couple everyone else looks at with envy when they see how deep your relationship has become. #couplegoals

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