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4 Great Reasons to Attend BASI Pilates Classes in Pretoria

If you have never attended a Pilates session, you are certainly missing out on a lot of wonderful benefits! Pilates has turned into one of the most widely practised and prominent exercise regimes in the world, and there are many reasons for this, which include the following:

1.     Applicable to any age: Because Pilates is none-impact, it can be applied to a wide range of age groups. The Pilates movements performed at our Pilates classes in Pretoria can be done by just about anyone – from young to old. The extent and intensity of the movements can be adjusted according to ability and fitness levels. There are distinct benefits for all age groups that range from better concentration in children, to better overall health for the elderly.

2.     Improved stress management: A Pilates class or regime consists of movements that are performed in a slow and controlled manner (much like yoga). Breathing plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the movements, and as a result, focus is required during exercise to ensure that both the breathing and movements are performed correctly in tandem. Breathing exercises have long been promoted as a stress management tool, and the breathing techniques learnt during the Pilates regime become second nature after a while, also helping people to breathe in stressful situations.

3.     Increased flexibility: Most people get less flexible as they get older, and joint pain, muscle aches, and general bodily discomfort can become almost normal. If you attend BASI Pilates classes in Pretoria regularly, you will find that your range of movement increases, that your body becomes more flexible, and that you are less likely to suffer discomfort or pain while bending, stepping, sitting, or getting up.

4.     Better cardio health: Just because our Pilates classes are none-impact, it does not mean that you don’t get a thorough cardio workout. If you perform the movements correctly, breathe correctly, and hold the poses for the required time, you will find that you will become out of breath, which means that you get a cardio workout!

To book your Pilates classes in Pretoria, give our friendly team a call to find out more about class schedules and the benefits of Pilates.

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