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5 Weird Concepts You Will Hear about at Our Pilates Classes in Pretoria

Pilates has been around for a while now and people seem to love it all over the world. In fact, this has been one of the fastest growing exercise routines around! There are many reasons for this, such as a fit body, slimmer appearance, better flexibility, increased range of movement, a stronger core, and long-term health benefits. Here are some of the weird and wonderful things you will encounter when you attend BASI Pilates classes at our studio in Pretoria.

1.     Contrology: Ever hear of this wonderful word? Of course, you have – but only if you have been paying attention during your Pilates classes. This is a word that epitomises Pilates – full control of the body, muscles, and mind. The movements or poses are specifically designed to enable you to practice control. It is not something that is achieved overnight, but if you work hard at it, you will come to fully understand and appreciate the concept.

2.     Vintage Pilates: Because Pilates, like all exercise disciplines, constantly moves forward with new developments, exercises and directions, there is now something coined “vintage Pilates”. Like all vintage terms, it is timeless and highly desirable. Mostly, it includes the original movements and poses of the original, classic Pilates theory, and you will be well off if you master these.

3.     Hour-long day burn: This is a wonderful and fun thing to know about our Pilates classes in Pretoria. It means that even if you only do an hour of Pilates three times per week, your metabolism will be raised throughout the day. This means that even while you sleep, you burn calories, and your body gets stronger. Is that not something just completely wonderful?

4.     Total bodywork: When you go to the gym to work out, you are usually faced with a choice between which muscle groups you want to work out at the time. Some people love doing arms, others love doing legs, and the few and far in between like to do the core. When you attend our Pilates classes in Pretoria, you will realise that a Pilates session provides you with a full-body workout – from your head to your toes, and everything in between! It even helps your internal organs to function better. How can you possibly lose with such a versatile exercise regime?

5.     Body scan: No, you don’t have to go to the hospital or book into a clinic to do this. While doing your Pilates movements, you will be requested to do a full-body scan on your own. This basically entails a thorough check of your body, while you are exercising, for the best results. Are your abs tucked in? Is your posture correct? Are your legs effectively engaged? These are all questions you have to ask yourself while you work away at your Pilates session.

If you are curious to find out more about how BASI Pilates classes in Pretoria can help you to achieve a healthier and stronger body, give our very experienced and helpful consultants at BASI Pilates a call, and we will introduce you to a whole new world.

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