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Why Real Men Attend BASI Pilates Classes in Pretoria

Yes, it is true: REAL men also do Pilates! Men often think of Pilates as a soft form of exercise that is done only by women, so they stick to the more “manly” forms of exercise like working out with weights and hard cardio training. The truth is that Pilates is anything but soft, and it can provide an extremely challenging workout that will benefit any man (or woman). At our BASI Pilates, we now find that more and more weight trainers are turning to Pilates classes in Pretoria to increase their range of movement, to strengthen core muscles and to increase power. It is also a great way to shed those extra kilograms – especially around the belly area.

In addition to providing strength and power, the Pilates classes that we present in Pretoria also elongate the muscles and help muscly men to look leaner and taller. Weight training tends to bulk up and shorten muscles, and often a more defined, lean look is what weight trainers really want. Nobody wants to look like the Hulk anymore, and a lot of male body builders now lean more towards the athletic, extremely defined or toned look rather than a bulky look. Pilates is also an excellent complement to a variety of sports, and many male and female athletes regularly incorporate Pilates sessions into their exercise regimes.

Pilates originates from the previous century and was developed by Joseph Pilates. Initially it was called Contrology, because it involved a lot of control by both mind and body. In effect, the mind is used to control the body, resulting in a better relationship between the mind and body, and a better awareness of how the body moves and functions. Breathing correctly is also crucial and this can teach men how to deal with stress through breathing, and so manage their anxiety better.

Our Pilates classes in Pretoria are also great for weight loss –taut, lean muscles are exposed to create great definition once the fat starts to melt away. The waist and abdomen typically benefit greatly from the Pilates movements that focus on the core of the musculature. If the muscles around the core and the spine are strong, they provide a better framework for the spine to support the weight of the body – especially important for those with increase muscle. The posture becomes better and movement becomes more graceful and athletic. In short, Pilates is a great way for real men to get into shape, remain trim, and to build strong muscle tissue where it counts. Pilates is also great for recovery periods after injury and the workout can be adjusted to the needs and the intensity of training required for particular muscle groups.

If you would like to see a real difference in the way your body moves and if you are looking for a change from the usual weights and training routine, why not book one of our Pilates classes in Pretoria? Our instructors are qualified and professional, and will be able to take you through all the movements. You will find that real men do benefit immensely from Pilates!

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