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Why You Should Attend Our Pilates Classes in Pretoria

Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise, but even though it is so young, it has grown into one of the most popular and widely practiced exercise forms. The reason for this is that Pilates has so many benefits and can be applied to a wide group of people. There are also very few restrictions when it comes to the type of person who would be most suited to this exercise discipline.

Athletes, the elderly, those recovering from injury or illness, pregnant women and young men – they all benefit from Pilates, and they are all able to do various forms of Pilates, depending on their condition and fitness levels. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you attend our Pilates classes in Pretoria.

·         A strong core: Because the basis of Pilates centres on strengthening the core muscles that support the back and the skeleton, it helps to develop a muscular structure that is better able to support the body. The core comprises the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles closest to the spine. The pelvis, trunk and shoulder girdle are also all engaged to create a more robust form. It also flattens out the abdominal muscles and helps to develop a stronger back.

·         Lean appearance: Traditional exercise forms that are commonly practiced usually focus on some form of weight-bearing exercise, and this sometimes results in muscles that are short and bulky. While this is great for men who would like to bulk up, shorter muscles are more likely to get injured. Because Pilates places focus on the development of long, lean muscles, and enhances the flexibility and elasticity of muscles, it can help to prevent injury. Longer, leaner muscles also provide a longer, leaner look, and a body that is better balanced with good posture.

·         Body and mind: An important part of Pilates is correct breathing, as movements are performed while inhaling and exhaling at particular points. A lot of concentration is needed to perform the movements while breathing correctly, which helps the body and mind to form a connection. It helps to enhance control of the body and to execute movements with high levels of efficiency and power. Breathing techniques can also help to reduce stress levels and provide more oxygen to the brain, muscles and organs.

·         Efficient movement: Because our Pilates classes in Pretoria focus on exercising several groups of muscles at the same time in long, smooth movements, it helps to develop a better exercise technique. It also helps to train the body to move in a safer way and be more efficient. This is central during recovery from injuries and to prevent injury in general.

·         Overall body conditioning: Pilates movements engage virtually all the muscles in the body through various movements – even the ankles and feet are engaged in some movements. Other forms of exercise tend to focus on one isolated group of muscles and ignore others. As a result, the strong muscles get stronger, while the weak muscles just get weaker. This is a perfect recipe for injury. Pilates provides overall strength and better muscle condition, and no muscles are exercised more than others, which means a better balance of muscle strength throughout the body.

There are many more benefits of attending our Pilates classes in Pretoria – to find out more please contact our friendly team at BASI Pilates.

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