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You Can Begin a New Career with Pilates Classes in Pretoria!

Pilates is an amazing exercise discipline that does not discriminate between body types, ages, fitness levels or weight. It is one of the best types of exercise to do to increase body strength, posture, fitness and overall wellbeing. If you live in or around Gauteng and regularly attend BASI Pilates classes in Pretoria, you will find that you will not only feel better, but you can look better too! 

Joseph Pilates famously said that you could develop a totally new body within 28 days – given, of course, that you attend classes every day! The fact that Pilates can be done by a wide variety of people and that it provides so many benefits means that it is one of the most popular exercise forms in modern culture today.

BASI Pilates is aimed at both instructors and participants, and we pride ourselves on the high standards of our courses and workshops. We believe in the basic philosophy of Pilates and we work hard to embrace these concepts in totality, while we work with bodies in a holistic manner. In order to qualify, instructors have to complete and pass a rigorous educational programme through our BASI Pilates classes in Pretoria, and our curriculum is highly focused and outcome-based.  A high level of expertise is achieved through our Block system. This is a technique that teaches instructors how to classify and combine different movements and exercises from within the repertoire of Pilates instruction.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, how fit you are or what your body shape is, you are virtually guaranteed to benefit from the practices of BASI Pilates. This method of exercise has become so widespread and popular that you will now find Pilates classes in Pretoria, New York, Tokyo and even in India. The reason that this form of movement has spread so quickly is that it can be used by everybody – old and young, pregnant, recovering from injury, those with bad posture, and those who are just unfit – and it yields great results when done regularly.

Becoming an instructor with our Pilates classes in Pretoria has various benefits:

  • Once qualified, you work life is your own, and you are no longer held accountable by someone else for your time. You can work according to your own pace, and schedule classes with clients as and when suits you.
  • You can choose between working with groups or individuals, or you can combine both. This allows you to work within the environment you enjoy most.
  • Pilates instructors are in high demand because of the popularity of this exercise discipline. This means that once qualified, it will be easy to find work and the investment in the course will pay off very soon.
  • There is a diverse range of career opportunities for Pilates instructors – they are in demand on cruise ships, at luxury spas, hotels and, and even celebrities love to have their own, private Pilates instruction.

If you are keen to find out more about our BASI Pilates classes in Pretoria for instructors, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at BASI Pilates.  We will fill you in on all the details you need to know and regularly present workshops where even the seasoned Pilates experts can hone their skills further!

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