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If you are living in Gauteng and looking for a form of exercise that will benefit both your health and your career in the long term, we recommend that you consider attending our Pilates classes in Pretoria. Pilates is associated with a wide range of benefits that stretch well beyond just the physical, and it can be very useful if you turn your Pilates expertise into a career that you can practice anywhere and anytime. If you are not quite sure where to start or you need some information about where to go to increase your expertise, just call us to find out more about our Pilates classes in Pretoria!

Pilates Basics

The founder of Pilates was called Joseph Pilates, and he believed that the spine is the most important part of our bodies. He set out to design a form of exercise that would be highly beneficial to the spine and the muscles that support it. His belief was based on his opinion that people are only as mobile or as strong as their spines are. He based most of the exercises around working the core muscles; the abdominals, and the side and back musculature that support the spinal column. Most of the movements are aimed at strengthening this muscle group, as there are considerable advantages to having a strong core, even through old age. Because Pilates is such a useful form of exercise that can be performed by a wide variety of people, such as pregnant ladies, the elderly, children, injury-prone people and others, the popularity of Pilates has grown immensely and there is now a huge mainstream following of this particular discipline.

4 Benefits of Regularly Doing Pilates

  1. Stronger body: The general exercises one would do in a gym workout are usually concentrated on working particular muscles in isolation, whereas Pilates is geared more towards working all the muscles of the body. The results speak for themselves – all over strength and flexibility is developed, and this leads to an overall stronger, leaner and fitter physique.
  1. Lean appearance: Pilates works towards elongating the muscles instead of bulking them up, and this leads to a leaner, more elegant appearance. It also corrects posture, which is very important in everyday life to keep the spine aligned and in a healthy position.
  1. Connection between mind and body: Because the movements are very concentrated and power breathing forms an integral part of the exercises, concentration at all times during the movements are vital. This means that a better understanding of the connection between the different body parts and the mind develops over time, and this promotes a better sense of being in tune with the body, and leads to better control over muscle groups.
  1. Stress control: All forms of exercise are beneficial when it comes to coping with stress, and Pilates is particularly good for those who struggle to deal with stress. The breathing and concentrated movements all form part of the tools that helps you to deal with stress much better, and the result is a more relaxed body and mind.

If you are keen to learn more about our Pilates classes in Pretoria, contact our friendly instructors at our studio. We will give you all of the information and expertise you need!

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