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Do What’s Best for Your Body with BASI Pilates Classes in Johannesburg

There are many different exercise regimes around the world, and we all wish we could take up something that is not going to cause us too much pain or heartache while we try to slip into some kind of exercise routine. Pilates is different. While you are still required to work hard, it doesn’t quite seem like it at the time, and you end up feeling as if you have done a lot of work with very little energy. This is one of the main reasons people choose to attend our Pilates classes in Johannesburg.

Because Pilates can be adjusted to just about any age, body shape, lifestyle, and fitness level, it is one of the most prominent exercise disciplines in the world. Pilates means that you don’t have to pound pavements or lift heavy weights, in order to get fit. It also means that if you can commit to a few hours per week, you can easily achieve your dream body, while also reaping other benefits that you would normally associate with very strenuous exercise.

Pilates classes are regularly on offer at our Johannesburg studio. People from all over Gauteng come to attend our expertly led Pilates tuition – not only to get fit and healthy, but also because they benefit from the high skill levels and internationally trained instructors we have available to provide a full set of Pilates exercises with and without specialised equipment. Our studio is very well equipped and our trainers are ready to provide you with the exercise regime that you desire in order to tip you back over into the healthy section of the population – regardless of your age or fitness level!

If you would like to find out more about how our Pilates classes in Johannesburg can benefit your lifestyle and body, speak to us. We have many highly trained professionals who are only too keen to help you find your Pilates mojo. Contact us today to book your class, and you will be surprised at the results.

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