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Why You Should Do Pilates Classes in Johannesburg If You Are a Runner

Most people who love running marathons, or just for fun and fitness, usually think that their exercise regime is complete without incorporating other forms of exercise into their routine. In reality, however, this could not be further from the truth. If you are a serious runner, Pilates classes can benefit you a whole lot more than you can imagine! If you live in Gauteng, our Pilates classes in Johannesburg, at BASI Pilates, may be a lot more helpful than you think.

Benefits of Pilates for Avid Runners or Athletes

Many people who run will tell you that adding Pilates into their exercise regimes often benefit them in ways that other forms of exercise cannot. There are a lot of reasons for athletes and runners to incorporate Pilates movements into their regular routine, and these include:

·         Increase core muscle strength: Because a runner needs to have a strong core in order to propel the body forward, and to maintain balance and posture during running, Pilates can greatly improve one’s running ability. The core consists of the abdominal and back muscles that support the skeletal structure, and it helps to align the hips, shoulders and neck during movement. When all these muscles are strong, they help to balance the body during any movement, and the core becomes stable and helps to make movements stronger during running.

·         Better posture, less injury: Athletes tend to need core (and especially abdominal) strength for effective running. The muscular and skeletal structures have to be completely balanced in order to remain stable during running. If the core muscles are strong, it results in a better posture, and a better posture ensures that less injuries occur to the back and even the pelvic muscles during running. Because balance is better, there is a much lower chance of losing one’s balance, and injuring ankles and knees. Pilates can also help you to identify the weaker spots in your gait while you are running, and this helps to improve your muscular control during running.

·         Increased speed and endurance: Because Pilates is a strenuous workout that requires a lot of the body, it means that if you do regular Pilates sessions, it will help you to endure for longer. It teaches you to breathe through exhaustion and to keep going, and it helps you to keep your strides long and fluid without interruption.

·         Reduced recovery times: Regular Pilates will help you to reduce your recovery times, because your joints become more mobile, your body more flexible, and Pilates enhances the awareness of your movements and your body. The condition of one’s muscles is increased, which means that they will heal sooner than if your muscles weren’t strengthened and conditioned by Pilates.

·         Better breathing: One of the most important factors of Pilates is the breathing technique that accompanies the movements. It literally teaches you to breathe in a more efficient fashion that will benefit your body – it will help you to draw in more oxygen during the high-stress periods of muscle fatigue. This helps runners cope with running much better – a good breathing technique can make the difference between a good run and a bad one, and Pilates will teach you all the breathing techniques you need to improve your running and to increase your stamina.

If you need more information about how regular Pilates classes in Johannesburg can increase and improve your athletic ability, please just give our team at BASI Pilates a call today.

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