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The Benefits of BASI Pilates Classes

Pilates is an exercise form that has grown in popularity over the last fifty years, and is focused on building and strengthening the core muscle groups in the body to ensure a healthy and strong body.  A lot of people believe that it was initially created for dancers, ballerinas and sportspeople only, but the truth is that Pilates can benefit everybody.  Taking Pilates classes is a great way to start, and some Pilates instructors may even give you your first lesson for free.

These exercises are taught according to the needs of the clients, and often an instructor will change the way exercises are performed for specific clients to be a better fit for their bodies.  There is no absolute prescription as to the correct or incorrect way of performing these exercises, and they can be adjusted according to what the client’s objective is.

Most Pilates exercises consist of working on a mat with the spine flat, and gravity is used to work against during the routine.  This is really effective to correct imbalances and slouching.  The muscles supporting the spine are challenged through various movements, such as pumping the arms, rolling up and down, twisting or bending.  The opposition muscle groups are strengthened using this method.


The core muscles are considered the most important muscles in Pilates classes, and bodily strength should come from this group of muscles.  The abdomen, lower back and buttocks are strengthened and many benefits soon become obvious.

  • Height:  As bodies get older, they start succumbing to gravity.  The typical straight posture gets compressed, and results in a loss of height.  Pilates strengthens the muscle groups that support the spine, and can increase height over a period of time.
  • Flexibility:  Length and tone is created by Pilates, and it is essential that the exercises are performed in a high-quality manner.  Inhalation and exhalation are used as vital parts of the exercise, and effective breathing allows participants to improve on the normal range of their body movements, and results in more flexible and supple bodies.
  • Brain Function: Strong focus is required during the practice of Pilates, and exercise participants have to focus on the body.  It is necessary to think about how the movements are performed and controlled, and focusing on the correct breathing is crucial.  It therefore builds cells and improves connections in the nervous system, resulting in better brain function.
  • Grace:  Coordination and awareness of movement are focused on and improve the ability to control movements and move more gracefully.
  • Back Pain:  Core muscles that support the spine are strengthened and the vertebra lifted from each other during exercise.  Less pressure is put on nerves, joints are better lubricated and as a result, a reduction of back pain is experienced.
  • Better Health:  Body circulation, especially to the vital organs is vastly increased during exercise, and certain exercises are designed to flush blood through the body to remove any negative elements, such as bacteria and toxins from the body.  This means that the body is more resistant to infections and better health is experienced.

Other advantages of doing Pilates include better sex, higher sense of self-awareness, increased confidence and better fitness levels.  If you want to experience all of these benefits, we recommend that you book your Pilates classes with us today!

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