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What a Pilates Class – Even Once a Week – Can Do for You

Let’s face it, not all of us are exercise bunnies! Sometimes it can be really difficult to commit to a regular exercise routine, and not many of us enjoy getting out there and getting the heart rate up too often. The good news here is that Pilates can help. Even if you do a Pilates class once a week, you can still reap the benefits that exercise provides, and this means that you no longer have to be scared of exercise.

Most of us can commit to one class a week – why not give it a try? It may actually lead to you getting into the whole vibe of Pilates, and starting to do it more often. You no longer have to spend hours at the gym – all you have to do is try out one Pilates class a week, which is a lot easier than committing to a continuous and constant exercise regime. Anything is better than nothing, and we need to get ourselves moving and healthy. Why not start with Pilates?

Benefits of One Pilates Class a Week

Most people think that once they start exercising, their lives have to become a flurry of activity and smoothies. This is not true. Start gently at first, and (only if you are up to it) build up towards a more regular routine. Starting with just one Pilates class a week brings many benefits that many other exercise disciplines do not. Here are some of those benefits.

·         Less pain: You will find that even if you only do one or two sessions a week, aches and pains tend to reduce quite radically. Initially, it may cause a bit of muscle stiffness while you are adjusting to new movements, but because there is a lot of recovery time in between, it builds your body without causing the discomfort that a radical exercise routine would do. Even though your body won’t get as fit and as strong as when you do five days per week, you will still suffer much less stiffness, and over a period of a month or so, you will notice a difference in pain levels, especially when it comes to core-related aches and pains.

·         Increased flexibility: Because Pilates helps you to introduce a new range of stretches to your body, it improves your range of movement. Even doing it once a week builds up to form great results in the long term. The body becomes more flexible, which in turns reduces the risk of injury and stiffness.

·         Better physical health: The movements of Pilates are specifically designed to involve various parts of the body. Physically, it stretches, elongates, and strengthens muscles. Psychologically, it brings about a sense of accomplishment and self-pride. Emotionally, the breathing practices that form an integral part of a Pilates class help to manage stress better. You can only win on all counts if you turn to Pilates as an exercise regime.

·         Internal health: Just like yoga, a lot of the movements of Pilates are directed towards a holistic experience that not only benefits the muscles of the body, but also the blood flow and the effectiveness of internal organs. This brings better blood supply to vital organs, and helps the body to flush out toxins, boost metabolism, and stimulate the digestive system to function optimally.

If you are hesitant to engage with a regular exercise routine and want to experience the benefits of Pilates without having to commit to a daily routine, attend a local Pilates class and the advantages will become quite apparent within a short while. Contact our instructors at BASI Pilates to find out more.

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