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How Attending Regular Pilates Classes Can Improve Your Life

Exercise is something that not everybody enjoys. Often, we associate doing any form of exercise with high-impact running, co-ordinated aerobics classes, stretchy yoga, lumbering around with weights, strenuous skipping, miles on treadmills and bone-crunching floor exercises. If this is your mindset, there is something that will pleasantly surprise you. Pilates is the answer!

Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise that has taken off like crazy over the last two decades, and there are a lot of good reasons for this. People are realising that this is a friendlier way to exercise, and no matter how fit or unfit you are, you can adjust the intensity of the exercises to suit your body. After attending a Pilates class three times per week, you will already experience significant improvement in fitness levels, muscle strength and overall wellbeing after four weeks. Take up the challenge today and attend a Pilates class, so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with following this exercise discipline.

5 Big Advantages of Pilates

1.     Increased core muscle strength: Pilates is all about performing movements that focus on the core muscles. This includes the abdominals and the back muscles that support the spine and the upper skeletal structure. If the movements are performed correctly, a significant increase in strength of these muscles will follow, thus enabling the body to be better supported by a stronger muscular structure. Often, we suffer from bad posture because these muscles are soft and weak, and this may result in back pain and other injuries. A regular Pilates class will create a stronger core that may relieve – and even eliminate – back pain and other aches.

2.     Better posture: Because the core muscles are strengthened by Pilates movements, it means that the back becomes more aligned, the shoulders go back, and the abdominals come in to support the chest and shoulders. All of these things lead to a healthier body posture and better alignment, and this means that your balance becomes better, and that injuries to your shoulders, back and other parts of the body are alleviated and even eliminated. In addition, you will just appear taller and straighter.

3.     Increased blood circulation: In order for us to gain any level of fitness, we have to get that heart pumping. Because Pilates can be rather intensive and adjusted to your particular level of fitness, you can bring up your heart rate, and this in turn will increase blood flow to all the relevant and crucial organs we need to function. Even the skin becomes better with exercise!

4.     Better range of movement: There are a lot of stretchy movements in Pilates, and this means that as you increase your intensity, muscles become elongated and suppler. This provides you with the luxury of a better range of movement, and this in turn, provides better balance and less prevalence to injury.

5.     Less stress: Pilates requires focus and a lot of purposeful breathing during the movements. You are required to focus on the muscles that you are using at the time, and breathe correctly throughout the routine. All forms of exercise release endorphins, which are the body’s own relaxation drugs, but the breathing exercises provide an additional tool that helps us to manage our breathing during stressful times, and enables us to push ourselves back into a state of relaxation. In the hectic environment of today, everybody should attend a Pilates class, in order to learn stress management through breathing!

If you are keen to attend a Pilates class and experience the above advantages and lots more, give our team at BASI Pilates a call today! You will be so happy you did.

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