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All the Pilates stars you need to follow in 2019

Keep up to date with the latest trends and Pilates hacks by checking out these Personalities from the big screen and social media. With insights into healthy diets, moves to try out, workouts to follow, memes to giggle at, and stories to motivate you, there’s no shortage of inspirational Pilates lovers on the internet.

Celebrities who love Pilates

Constantly being in the spotlight means celebs want to keep their bodies looking as flawless as possible. Here are some of the top A-listers that incorporate Pilates in their fitness regimes:

  • Amanda Seyfried – Star of Mamma Mia movies keeps her core strong with Pilates.
  • Jennifer Aniston – The Friends favourite who at 50 years old is still rocking her beautifully toned body.
  • Kate Hudson – The sweetheart actress from your top romcoms can be spotted on her Instagram account showing off her love for Pilates.
  • Megan Fox – Once crowned sexiest woman of the world, she now has 3 kids and is still known for her hot bod.
  • Hugh Grant – At almost 60, this English actor best known as the love interest in the 90’s romcoms swears by Pilates to keep himself young.

Influencers and Bloggers

Check out some of these amazing Instagram influencers and bloggers for Pilates instructors who are dedicated to inspiring their followers to live their best life.

  • Blogilates – With 1.5 million followers, this a great place to start for some Pilates inspiration on your Instagram feed.
  • Thepilatespt – Hollie Grant is full of insights into pre and post-natal Pilates.
  • Lottiemurphy_ – Follow her fab life with posts about health, Pilates and some beautiful travel pics.
  • Basi_pilates_sa_ – Keep up to date with the latest in Pilates teaching, workshops, webinars, courses and tips from the best instructors in South Africa.
  • Theopilatessacoza – Be inspired by Basi Pilates Principal Instructor Theo Botha.

Vloggers and Youtube channels

These are some of our favourite bloggers and Youtube channels to break a sweat without having to leave home.

  • eFit30 – 30-minute Pilates workouts perfect for fitting into your busy schedule.
  • Upside-Down Pilates – Focused Pilates videos for a great variety of workouts.
  • Jessica Valant Pilates – Jessica Valant shows off her love for Pilates and fitness with fun and quirky videos from her life and some great workout ideas to suit your lifestyle.
  • The Balanced Life – Quick, efficient and effective Pilates workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.
  • Boho Beautiful – Love and light shines through the videos and touches your soul with breathwork and meditations included in the Pilates and yoga videos.

Take a moment in your day to browse some of these amazing people and sites that are sharing their love and knowledge of Pilates.  Engaging in modern culture can be used in many positive ways - teaching self-love, appreciating your body, empowering yourself and others by feeling strong, fit and comfortable in your own skin.

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