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Revitalise your Pilates practice, sharpen your teaching skills & refresh your repertoire through BASI Pilates South Africa

Owning a Pilates practice is most certainly an exciting, yet often challenging, venture. Any businessman worth their salt will tell you that it is vital to stay relevant within your industry’s developing market trends, in order to keep up with the latest advancements and changing client demands. While this may sound like you should have added a business studies degree to your Pilates training, it quite simply means that working on your Pilates practice does not stop after you are qualified and decide to open your Pilates studio. Quite the contrary, Pilates is a life-long learning discipline that requires evolving experience.

In an article by Bizmag during an interview with Ravi Govender - Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank - South African businesses have a failure rate of 50% within the first 48 months due to the inability and experience of their owners. Mr Govender goes on to offer a number of reasons as to why these start-ups seem to fall short when trying to establish themselves in the market. These range from initial planning and funding hiccups, to basic financial management and a lack of understanding thereof. Yet a notable point within the reasons explored was failure to succeed due to a lack of experience.

You may be thinking ‘I don’t need to worry about a lack of experience, I love what I do and I have a Pilates qualification’. Passion is most certainly key to starting up the Pilates studio you’ve always wanted, and you are quite right in terms of having the necessary accreditation to actually practice Pilates. However, it is important to keep in mind that Pilates techniques have gradually evolved over the years through technology and advancements in equipment, and as the old saying goes, practice does in fact make perfect.

Auditing yourself as a Pilates instructor is an essential part of keeping your Pilates studio at the forefront of the industry. This is especially necessary when considering the competitive market. Your Pilates studio’s success relies heavily on your ability to perform as a fine-tuned Pilates Instructor. As practicing instructors, we are forever students and what better way to be a life-long student of this exciting movement (excuse the pun) than to revisit the BASI Method, and refresh your abilities as an instructor?

BASI Pilates South Africa is dedicated to assisting you as much as we possibly can on your Pilates journey. With us, anybody can audit himself or herself as an instructor! BASI graduates and current students are encouraged to audit modules of the Mat & Comprehensive training programs. Auditing is also open to prospective Pilates students who are interested in a BASI program before making the commitment to enroll. 

Auditing is allowed for up to 2 modules of the MTTC program and up to 4 modules of the CTTC program. For more information on costing or to request an audit, please visit https://basipilates.co.za/auditing





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