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Are You Interested in Pilates? Here Is What to Expect

If you have not heard of the benefits of regular Pilates exercise by now, you must have been living under a rock! Pilates is fast becoming one of the most popular and widely attended forms of exercise across the globe, and often it is used to complement other workout routines such as weight training or aerobics, as it provides added benefits that those specific exercise regimes cannot provide. Anyone can do Pilates– young, old, sick, healthy, recovering, pregnant, overweight, underweight, fit and unfit people everywhere are doing it because the movements can be adjusted to your abilities. While the movements are challenging, the intensity can be varied and fitness and strength levels can gradually be increased as the body starts to move better. There are many of benefits associated with exercise form, and these include:

·         Weight loss – an excellent way to shed those extra kilograms, especially around the belly area.

·         Stronger muscles – because the Pilates movements are long, fluid, and deliberate, they target muscle groups and increase strength.

·         Longer, leaner muscles – Pilates elongates the muscles instead of bulking them up and this results in a leaner and more athletic look.

·         Better posture – when the core and back muscles are strong, they carry the weight of the body better, and a better, more upright posture is the result.

·         Good mind-body connection – while Pilates movements are performed, a lot of concentration is needed to focus on particular muscles. This helps to improve the relationship between the mind and the body, and one becomes more aware of movement on an everyday level.

·         Better stress management – a crucial part of Pilates involves breathing correctly throughout the movements. Breathing techniques have been used for centuries to focus the mind and to control stress, and Pilates breathing provides a mechanism to better manage stress and anxiety.

Pilates Tips for Better Results

There are certain things you have to do to make your Pilates workout as effective as possible. Experts suggest the following:

·         Always think about your posture: You should not think about your posture only while you are working out – you have to think about your posture on a daily basis, or at least twice during the day. Take a moment to assess your posture and correct it to line up your shoulders with your hip bones. This will also make Pilates movements more successful as you get more practiced.

·         Remain flexible: A youthful body has to be flexible, and performing regular Pilates will help your muscles to remain elastic and less prone to injury.

·         Slow movements: During your Pilates workout, you have to slow down your movements. While we are used to doing things like sit-ups and push-ups in quick succession, the movements in Pilates are designed to be effective when they are performed in a languid and slow manner. Breathing correctly is also crucial but you will soon get the hang of this and it will virtually become second nature after a while.

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