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Follow Your Career Dreams and Become a Pilates Instructor!

Pilates is a relatively new exercise form when compared to other types of exercise, such as yoga or martial arts, yet there is already an overreaching demand for good Pilates instructors. Qualifying as an instructor opens so many doors to virtually endless possibilities. It is a hugely flexible career option that also keeps you healthy, and the sky is the limit. From working on cruise ships or luxury hotels, to opening your own private studio at home, there are many different aspects and careers that you can choose to make your own if you become a qualified Pilates instructor.

You should consider becoming a Pilates instructor if:

1.     You love doing Pilates: It is important to love what you do, and if you are the type of person who enjoys the discipline and dedication that Pilates requires, you will probably be a good candidate. It is said that when you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life, and working in a field that you love will bring joy to your life and your career. You will, however, have to eat, sleep and dream Pilates, especially during the training stages, and if you are confident that you can do this, sign up to become a Pilates instructor!

2.     You hate office routine: If you want to break free from the monotony and restrictions of office life, Pilates will certainly be one of the best solutions. The 9 – 5 grind doesn’t work for everybody, and Pilates instructors often find that they meet a lot of different people at various studios where they work. Even if you work for yourself, you will still meet and interact with different clients, which can make your work a lot more interesting than being in the office all day.

3.     You love people: If you are the type of person who loves to be around people and to help them, Pilates is a great way of doing this. Pilates instructors help people to get healthy, to develop their bodies, to deal with stress better, and to get fit. If this will give you a sense of accomplishment, then Pilates is for you!

4.     You love teaching, but also love to learn more: Qualifying as a Pilates instructor is definitely not the end of the road – there are always new things to learn. Doing the Pilates course to qualify only touches the surface of the teachings of the discipline, and as an instructor, you can continue to study Pilates and learn more about the discipline, as well as how to teach it better. Many studios, like BASI Pilates, offer ongoing workshops where qualified professionals can hone skills and learn more on a continuous basis. You will never be bored!

5.     You want a flexible schedule: Pilates instructors are not bound by any rules when it comes to the times that they teach. Even if you work for a studio, you will be able to choose the classes you teach, and you can work according to your own schedule. If you start your own studio, you will have even more flexibility and make good money. This is a perfect career for parents who want to spend more time at home with a child, or someone who has another career interest (such as running a small business) and wants to weave an extra income around it.

If these sound like attractive reasons to become a qualified Pilates instructor, give our consultants a call at BASI Pilates. We will answer all your questions and provide you with the instruction and courses you need to turn Pilates from an exercise form into a career!

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