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Pilates for gluteal amnesia

Many injuries to the knee, hip and back occur due to delayed onset or inhibition of the gluteal muscle group called gluteal amnesia. In isolation and non-weight bearing movements the gluteus maximus moves your femur into extension and the gluteul medius and minimus abducts and externally rotates the femur. Together this is a functionally important muscle group that stabilize and moves our body in all three planes. Weakness or muscle imbalance in this area can cause a ripple effect up and down the kinetic chain. When these muscles do not move and stabilize our joints correctly the lumbar spine, pelvis and knee joints are prone to overuse and shortening putting the subject at risk for injury. This condition can easily be identified in a few movements or postural observations. This condition is reversible, and the Basi Pilates Block System is ideal to make sure all the involved muscles is exercises in the correct way. Stabilizers stabilize, and global mover moves to create balance.

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