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Mindfulness through Pilates


“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit” 

Joesph Pilates.

Meditation and mindfulness through movement is not just for the Yogis. I can say that with full credibility as I am a certified yoga instructor and practitioner for many years. It is my belief that any exercise which takes your focus to the breath and body can create a mindful state. Pilates is a perfect example of just that, movement with breath. When we practice Pilates, we’re encouraging our mind to focus on our movement patterns, as well as synchronizing our breath. This creates a deep awareness of our self in the present moment.  It is my opinion, our need for achievement pressures us to always be moving or doing to feel like were accomplishing something. This can be a of cause un-necessary stress in a person’s life. I am going to share my personal experience practicing mindful movement through Pilates. My motivation is to gain the ability to meditate comfortably and live with more awareness.

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