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Chronic medications, their side effects and the benefits of Pilates

The term chronic refers to a medicine or condition lasting 3 months or more.

The number of patients with 3 or more chronic illness or non – communicable diseases (NCDs) in South Africa is on the rise and it is predicted that by 2020 NCD’s will account for 70% of the disease burden in developing countries.

The top NCD or chronic conditions include various cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, cancers and diabetes.

Much research has been carried out into the side effects of chronic medications, however, majority of patients risk these to prevent more serious conditions from developing.

Often these very often painful side effects will manifest, with patients unable to rid themselves of the symptoms without potentially contraindicating the prescribed medication they are taking.

I hope to highlight the effects of chronic medications and by focusing on the fundamental principles, show how Pilates can benefit long term medication users and alleviate symptoms of painful side effects by building core strength, increasing muscular stability, improving posture, restoring balance and creating awareness of the body and mind as a whole.

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